"They Got the Mayor on The Ropes"

Ready for a scoop?

Well, you know GA names sources after body parts, such as Deep Uvula, The Nose, E. Sophie Gus, One-Eye.

I just spoke with a source who gave me an earful, so I'm calling him Ear Wax.

WHO is Ear Wax?

I can't tell you.  But just like that sticky, yellow substance you can't reach with a Q-tip, he's deep on the inside. And wouldn't you know Ear Wax likes GA!

He's not supposed to.  That's according to the narrative that Farmer Frank and his farm hands tote around in their bag of fertilizer- with their petitions.  Yup, his narrative stinks more than their bag of shit: "those yuppies hate us." 

But Ear Wax was paying attention to the sale of the HUMC, saw his people fighting it, saw them vote down repairs to the HPD headquarters, saw them vote down money for HFD salaries... well, now GA's got his ear.  Wax and all.

So I asked him what he knew about this petition drive, the so-called 'grass roots' effort to 'let the people decide' whether to move the School Board election to November on a ballot referendum.

Well, he did know about it.

How?  I can't tell you.

But Ear Wax was eager to fill my ear, and I wrote it down:
They had to go retreat and not screw up again the way they blew the last grass roots campaign by hiring young kids to walk around an lie about the purpose of the petition. No young kids this time.  No walking around the streets.

No general public.

They're going to the HHA, Church Towers, Marineview, the senior buildings, Applied.  That's all they need.  They don't want people like you. 

They think they got it this time.  They think they have all the votes they need from their own.  It's numbers.

They think they got the mayor on the ropes and can force the school board to honor the people. 
Really, Ear Wax?

So, let me get this straight.

The petition is NOT being shared with the PUBLIC, but only members of the elite subsidized housing community... the ones that the Farming Community harvests EVERY April election?

So in fact, it the petition should not be called 'Let the People Decide'.

This petition should be called "Let OUR People Decide."   Hoo-boy.

Is anyone else enjoying the delicious irony of a petition purporting to support Democracy when the only persons allowed to sign it live in a handful of buildings in Hoboken?

A Patch Snap Poll is showing that 85% of respondents support moving School Board elections to November.

As of today, 268 Districts in NJ have moved to November elections.

And so with the $59 million budget (and $1 million surplus) at stake, the Farming Community is pushing back against the tidal wave sweeping the state, pushing back against popular sentiment, with a  rigged petition signed by select residents from the subsidized housing community,

Those farmers need to HEAR all the people, not just theirs... their 'Let OUR People Decide' petition is comically DEAF to the people's will.

Too much ear wax?


  1. Kind of what I was expecting. But even more cynical.

    It's very hard to out-cynical these people, no matter how hard I try.

  2. Even if they buy enough signatures, there are only three legal ways in which the B of E elections can move to November or stay as they are in April, where the cost of their vote harvesting technique is minimal. This ill-conceived petition isn't one of them. But then, complying with state law is something they know little about and care even less for.

    Ethical and honest Hobokenites who care about our schools -not patronage jobs and no-bid contracts, and are grateful to save 100k in the process, are looking forward to next Tuesday when this will be voted on legitimately and we will finally cure at least this case of ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION!

  3. Actually being an idiot criminal works well for us. Let them!

  4. You have to wonder just how brain challenged these guys are to think that a "grass roots' effort, as they call it, would not be exposed for the cynical vote buying power grab that it is.


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