Tapping the Hornet's Nest

After GA posted yesterday's Hoboken FBI Probe Growing, the Hoboken Reporter came out with speculation that the seizure of computers at the Hudson County Improvement Authority (HCIA) was a corruption probe into County Executive Tom DeGise's pet project- a golf course.
Questions regarding overtime on construction of the new county golf course and possible part-time employees who were paid but did not show up may have been what led the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to seize computers at the office of the Hudson County Improvement Authority Wednesday, said officials connected with the situation.

 The county is currently constructing a golf course at Lincoln Park in Jersey City adjacent to Route 440. The work, which has been underway for more than a year, has included the demolition of buildings that formerly housed the Sheriff’s Department and other operations off Duncan Avenue.
Hmmmm... a golf course.    Does Hudson County need one of those?

In fairness, the answer is purely subjective.  The last time GA tried to golf, I (nearly) hacked off 3 toes.  So, no I don't need one.  But maybe DeGise does.  And maybe you do, too.

I'll take a swimming pool, like the one in Secaucus.

My friend knew about the golf course- called it a  DeGise boondoggle. (You know 'boondoggle' refers to a scheme that wastes time and money.)

Here's what we know: the Feds showed up at the HCIA on Wednesday, 'not for nothing'.  They seized  computers. And not just the Feds, but "other law enforcement agencies". 

So if  the Feds got leads on golf course corruption, where did they come from?  Who or what may have led them there? 

And that's the possible tie-in to Hoboken.

The Feds have custody of our entire City's data banks, but moreso, many individuals with incentive to trade what they know.

For feedback on GA's speculation, I contacted a source so plugged in to Hudson County affairs. I'll call him The Plug.  And all I'll tell you about The Plug is, he's one of them.

So I told The Plug I thought that the HCIA computer seizure could be a tentacle of the FBI Hoboken investigation.  His response:
The HCIA is the most crooked place in Hudson County. Some former (redacted) people still reside there, and have been handing out cash to their friends to balance municipal budgets. If somebody was going to investigate corruption in Hudson County, that's where they would have gone. Most likely it's something left over from the Dwek busts.

People say there might be an issue with the bonding, too. If there is, then the FBI will be opening up a hornet's nest. The HCIA's bonding is the source of a lot of questionable money.

You might not be wrong. Everyone's connected.
There you go.

So if the HCIA is a 'hornet's nest' of corruption,  Hoboken's data banks are a 'Pandora's box".

Pandora, meet the Hornet's nest.

Boom Boom POW.  


  1. A golf course in Lincoln Park! What a great venue for the old boys club of the HCDO to conduct business! Harder to bug, unlike other favorite venues, for ex., the Malibu or the Coach House or various social clubs!

    Separate from all the imagined (but probably real) boondoggles within boondoggles, how sad to "rape" this lovely & historically significant park. Even if the once tony neighborhood has declined & this project is marketed as contributing to a "revival."

    Here's hoping still more of the nefarious web gets unraveled.


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