Suspected Co-Conspirator a Scared Kitten, Backtracks

By now most of you know of the criminal complaint filed by Rory Chadwick against Perry Klaussen of Hobokne411.

Rory alleges that at a chance meeting on the street, Klaussen threatened to 'expose' his past and ruin his business if Rory did NOT have a friend drop his copyright-infringement lawsuit against him (Klaussen). That happened on December 20, 2011.

On January 6th, Rory told me about it- but asked me not to post the details.  All I can say is that what he told me then was consistent with the details of his police complaint filed on February 21, 2012.

Why did he wait to file?  I don't know.

Perhaps it's because Klaussen lowered the boom on Rory when he published this hit piece on Monday, February 20:

And true to-his-word that he would 'expose' his past if the suit weren't dropped, Klaussen's article excoriated Rory for his March 2nd fundraiser for victims of the 300 Washington Street fire.  In it, Klaussen called Rory a "former scam artist convict" and "ex-felon." 

Well, what good is a smear campaign if it's not a conspiracy?  Meaning teamwork. Rah, rah, rah!

A foul wind named Boink blew into Patch on Monday, February 20th- to propagate the hatchet job published that same day on Hoboken411.

Pitchers and hitters.

Boink deploys Klaussen's identical talking points, telling us to donate to the Red Cross and not the "convicted felon."

The next morning, our suspect co-conspirator takes Klaussen's campaign to destroy Rory a step further;  he posts a link to  NYS Prisoner information.

Remember, whatever mistakes Rory made in his past he has risen from them, rehabilitated himself as a business owner and valued member of the Hoboken community.  Rory's philanthropy has made a difference, and he's made our community a better place.  Given what he's been through, he should be praised, not mocked.

Not 'LOL'ed by miscreants like Boink.

Well, apparently the published criminal complaint, and his involvement with the Hoboken411 hit job have made our co-conspirator nervous...  nervous enough to backtrack... to pretend he's not on Team Klaussen... 

In case you didn't fall for the first try, this weak-kneed, spineless co-conspirator really moonwalks now, pretending he's no political operative-  just an even-handed observer of the "mean-spirited online banter" on Patch for "entertainment."

What a scared little pus... kitty cat.  A kitten.

Hey, Boink if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.  (And how's that Hoover working for you?)

Well, Case No. CH-00518-12 is scheduled to be heard in Jersey City on March 6th, 2012.   Stay tuned for further details.

Hands up!