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GA's post Two Maureen Sullivans? generated a lot of reader interest.  Maybe because the whole thing is so strange.

In the 19-pages of OPRAed emails returned from the NJDOE with respect to BoE member Maureen Sullivan, it was unclear who fingerprinted Sullivan, when she was fingerprinted or even whose fingerprints were filed for her because... there was another (Sister) Maureen Sullivan that the Criminal History Review Unit manager Carl Carabelli had referred to as though she were our Maureen Sullivan...

I kid you not. A nun named Maureen Sullivan.  Read it yourself.

But like anything else, the truth is out there just waiting to be found.

In the meantime, it's a curiosity, a mystery shall we say?  Here are the questions I had:
What does the NJDOE actually have on record for Sullivan?

A nun's fingerprints from 2008? Sullivan's from January 5, 2012? If so, and it wasn't done by MorphoTrak- WHO took them? The only source GA can glean from these emails for her Jan 5 fingerprinting is Sullivan herself- she said so.

And then, how did this nun, Sister Maureen Sullivan, get into the mix? And does she fly like Sister Bertrille?
Well, here are 2 reader responses... questions and speculation:
really, wtf was the sr sullivan about?

and how could morpho track not have her in the data base? is she in there yet? wtf?

obviously, there was no info provided by the njdoe that her fingerprints were cleared by morpho track directly- so how do they know that she was finger printed? where is that document of proof?

if you ask me that is the golden egg-  if documentation from morpho track shows that she wasn't fingerprinted/had results back from fingerprinting before the 10th- there's some serious hot water for someone to dive into.

sullivan is a (redacted) and i think the aforementioned is probably the smoking gun that would put the nail in that (reacted)'s coffin.

why didn't the njdoe send in that communication? cause they didnt have it
Wow.  True.

If the NJDOE claims to have records for the Jan 5 fingerprinting but... MorphoTrak told the CHRU on Jan 6 that Sullivan was not in their database.  And Carabelli mentioned Mauren Sullivan the Nun had been fingerprinted in 2008...

Here's another reader email:
Maureen Sullivan's prints. AKA- she is impersonating a nun.

Man the cover up is definitely worse than the crime

Can you file an OPRA to get the fingerprint data  and does Carabelli that Sister Sullivan is not Ms. Sullivan?
Yes reader, I can.  And... about Carabelli, I don't know.

To be continued...


  1. Sorry GA, but unless something's changed... no, actual fingerprint records are not OPRA-able. Including by the individual who paid & was fingerprinted. GA can anticipate receipt of a response with mumbo-jumbo about confidentiality. The vetting's outcome (e.g. approved or not) is OPRA-able, however.

    (MBB detailed vetting issues, especially related to the Morpho process, on yesterday's "Two Mo's," as well as "Disinfecting," as well as other comments related to the OPRA issues, vis a vis Morpho, on "Email...")

    1. exellent research on this one. do you have to pay money for all these opra's? maybe we should take up a fund for ga!

    2. Hobocrat3, you're awfully sweet. No worries.

      The electronic OPRAs are free. Anything returned on paper is 5 or 10 cents a page. And dvds are $5/each.

      This was electronic, so free. It's very easy to OPRA docs- here's the link:

      They're supposed to return a result in 3-7 days. This one took almost a month- unusual.


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