Reader Email on Shocking 2006 BoE Audit

Folks, this story is just hitting...  GA posted the scandalous BoE audit from 2005-2006 last night.  

The audit, never presented publicly, has languished on the NJDOE site since 2008.  Until now.

The shocking document is a daunting 297-pages, and although GA  broke this scandal only hours ago, readers are reacting with outrage:
Burns, Raia & Co. were looting the BoE and this is the smoking gun.

No wonder this audit has been kept under wraps.

It's a stinging indictment of how they view the BoE: as their own personal ATM. I'm simply stunned at what I'm reading and I thought the 2008-09 audit was mind boggling with Raslowsky hiding admin costs in the teacher salary line among other violations.

The payroll audit violations (numbers 1-10) section staring on page 28-39 it is f'n mind blowing (it includes people being paid after death and people being paid who aren't properly documented as employees in even the most rudimentary way, pay past termination dates, outrageous overtime, people being paid with no deductions, incredible stipends, incredible salary increases in one calendar year, employees receiving more than 52 paychecks in a 2 year period....)

....and then payments that exceed original invoices (numbers 11-13) pages 40-41 again will blow your mind!


  1. To the old guard: The gravy train has left the station and you're not on it.

    Page 41 lists people who received no payroll deductions - WOW! The B of E as the employer can be slapped with huge fines and penalaties for this if the recipients were employees.

    If they weren't, they should have been issued an 1099 form for every annual amount greater than $600.00. Not too late to do so, and those "independent contractors" can look forward to huge income tax penalties and interest if they didn't declare these amounts.

    In addition to the school board, clearly the business office for the board of education needs a major overhaul.

    Who worked there during this audit period? Who works there now?


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