A Rat in the House

Oh my, have you folks read Al Sullivan's column yet?      


It's a window into the opposition's factional infighting; their behind-the-scenes power struggle  to fill the vacuum left by the death of the great Maurice Fitzgibbons. It's wild.

GA will break it down for you.

Our story starts with last week's (Feb 6, 2012) Between The Lines column.  This excerpt:
The litmus test for the 2013 Hoboken mayoral election will likely be the upcoming school board elections.

Some are pushing Maria McGovern Hernandez, daughter of former Hoboken cop Patty McGovern, to run.

While some are backing the reelection of Maureen Sullivan in opposition to the Zimmer supported Kids First slate, not everybody in the opposition is comfortable with Sullivan.

Some want Frank Raia to run for the school board and not for mayor as he apparently is planning to do.

Well,  that leak to Sullivan  got someone on the opposition side very angry.  Very.  Because the dish published in Al's column was apparently discussed at their prior weekly (Saturday) strategy session so one of the attendees had to be the source.

WHO got mad?   

This guy.

Hoboken operative surrenders his follicles to GA.

Perry Belfiore (who shampoos daily with Fructis by Garnier)

Yes, he was not happy that Sullivan was tipped off to opposition strategy and that private discussions were in print, being read throughout Hudson County.

So what did Belfiore do?

Perry sent an email to political operatives in Hoboken warning them to SHUT UP.  No more talking to Sullivan.

Here's where it gets interesting...

One of them didn't like being bossed around by Belfiore, one of them didn't like being told not to 'talk', one of them wanted to send a message to Belfiore (a bitch slap) AND a message to Al (I'm your guy and I'm gonna work with you and you'll work with me)...

And this person sent his message loud and clear.

He leaked the Belfiore email to Sullivan! Look out!
“Someone is talking to Al Sullivan and it has to stop,” Belfiore’s email said. “Few people know the candidates’ names spoken about at last Saturday’s meeting, what Frank said, and the encounter I had with Stack. This is no coincidence. The person who thinks ingratiating themselves with Sullivan accrues a political benefit is wrong. Stop it or I will refuse to be in the same meeting with you.”

Last week, this column printed the name of a possible candidate for the Board of Education who might be backed by Assemblyman Ramos and others from what we called “the Old Guard.”

Belfiore said in his email that he didn’t want anyone leaking information to this column about what went on in brainstorming sessions. He also apparently took exception to the term “Old Guard,” claiming it played into Zimmer supporters’ hands, since the battle for control of city government is really all about a portion of the newcomer vote.
Oh, my.

You have two members on the same team, with (allegedly) the same political objective, attending the same strategy meetings.

One member (Belfiore) steps forward to assert his authority privately by issuing a directive to the others privately.

Another member responds publicly by 'outing' Belfiore, a humiliating slap, sending him a message while cozying up to Sullivan.

WHO is it?  WHO leaked the  email to Al?  WHO kneecapped Belfiore so publicly, embarrassing him, and undermining his leadership effort?

GA's got a good idea.   And I'm going to tell you.  Nah, you can guess.

It's someone with a long established relationship of talking to Al. Feeding him. An operative whose  currency is internet communication (Hoboken411, message boards) and talking to the print media- people like Al. And who fancies himself a 'player' in Hudson County politics, a self- professed 'spin-master'.  Someone who would NOT take kindly to being told WHO he can and can't talk to by someone he considers an equal- or less.

And GA's suspect has shown a marked online resurgence recently. Prolific, in fact.

And he's weirdly obsessed with Mike Lenz. I believe he's behind the bashing of Lenz that took place yesterday on Hoboken411. I know of an incident- can't share. But that bashing was retaliatory.  Which is exactly how this political operative works: punishment through print and online exposure.   

Exactly what was done to Perry B.

(The suspect did the same thing to me on his shark-blog, long ago.) 

Now, does the suspect attend these strategy sessions?  Maybe not.  Doesn't matter. Because Lane Bajardi would have told him anyway.

Folks, I could be wrong.  But I don't think so.

And even if I am, the leak of the Perry letter shows the chaos behind-the-scenes... lots of Indians, no Chief.  A power struggle. Backstabbing.

Personally, GA's much fonder of the Perry B. faction than the Mason faction.

In short, the 'Old Guard' folks are civil and follow rules, the Mason people are angry nutcases.

Yes, GA does like Perry even though the feeling's not mutual.  Yeah, he practically runs away every time he sees me.   Justice for Perry!

Let's find out WHO that RAT is.


  1. this is classic, love it. the old guard/new guard (the masonites) split sounds like the current GOP with far-right tea party conservatives clashing with more moderate establishment republicans, with no one influential enough to call the shots and whip everyone in line. so perry is a political consultant, huh?

    perhaps my favorite part of Al's post is that they HATE the phase "old guard", that really seems to touch a nerve. have to make sure i use that more than ever before, LOL!!

    1. Yeah JAM, it's hysterical. I've gotta tell you, a friend called me yesterday laughing about it.

      Now, I don't get my HR until today so wouldn't have otherwise known. So I grabbed one at the A&P...couldn't believe it. Wow. What a RAT.

      Honestly, I don't like the phrase "old guard" either- it's kinda cheesy, but can't think of a better one. So is "machine" politics. Hmmm.

      Anyway, it is a HOOT. Yes, I thought that 'political consultant' title was amusing. Is everyone with an opinion a 'consultant' these days?

      Poor Perry, got stabbed in the back.

    2. But it is machine politics. That faction has a very well oiled and well used vote harvesting and purchasing machine that they use every election. They are the machine that they themselves complain about.

  2. GA

    The columns was full of goodies. I liked the lead-in to the Hoboken discussions.

    "Hoboken Mayor Zimmer’s successful state of the city address may have had a little help from Trenton, some sources claim.

    “We’re pretty sure someone from the Christie administration worked with her on it,” said one source.

    If so, she might do well to continue to get that help."

    Gotta love that last sentence - some rat tried to feed Al some garbage after Al wrote last week about how well Zimmer did and Al just laughed in their face. The Old Guard (I love that term) hates Zimmer with such blindness that they cant even give her props for anything, which will ultimately lead to a colossal fail for them in the next mayoral election. Good. Keep up the good work, you guys in the Old Guard.

  3. GA

    By the way, the name FIN BOY jumped out at me immediatley. Pretty sure you are right. I have heard how he is going around the county braggign how he is going to break Zimmer's back and destroy her supporters. He is such a delusional little toad. He is about as clueless as the Putz when it comes to other's perception of him. Whenever I have heard anyone speak about him, he is snidely referred to as Hoover, or Hoover Boy. It would make sense that he would return to Al, the scene of his great humiliation over his fake and silly story about you delivering a vacuum cleaner to his doorstep, to try and resurrect his credibility. Love that he and Perry Plan B are in a piss fight. Two morons fighting for the title of The Biggest Moron. refer to him as Hoover. And agree absolutely that Maurice's passing has left a HUGE void in the Old Guard. Maybe now they will appreciate what he actually accomplished for them.

  4. The Mason Advisors, are Paid, Perry Belfiore is not- He is basically their grass roots leader and is often not showed the respect he deserves given his loyalty to their side.

    Perry is no idiot and if they lose him, they lose someone who can do a pretty good job rallying Seniors and 4th Warders in the HHA.
    He is liked there, he has family in the HHA and Applied and he is affable.
    Many of the Mason Consultants have never stepped foot in the HHA other than a passing visit to a party at Mama Johnson Field.
    Perry Belfiore and Frank Raia break bread with them, are comfortable in there homes and don't talk down to them.
    Many of the HHA residents also like Mayor Zimmer , They like politicians who don't put on airs.

    Nobody in the Mason inner circle has a single connection in Old Hoboken unless they fund a street effort that they need to work for so they can make ends meet.

    Belfiore, Raia, Romano, Ramos and Russo have voting bases all over town. Mason lost almost everything except her ability to fund them.
    Those guys don't trust her, like her or want her running Hoboken- Sending her to the assembly would only be second best to exile in their minds.

    They will never come together behind her again, they watched her closed door Mayoral Races, with high paid consultants, photographers, Videographers.

    Frank Raia can match her on money, but she can't match Frank with friends, supporters or true loyalty.

    1. I second JAM. Thank you, Bugz.

      I think this RAT crossed a line you just don't do to one's own 'side'.

      Of course, we benefit if the other side is duking it out amongst themselves.

      But there is something truly repugnant about that kind of public betrayal... the RAT(s) that sent the internal email to Al has no loyalty to his own.

  5. Good lord, the feuds in the little fiefdom!

    Oh, the intrigue!

    All of it, as amusing as it is pathetic.

  6. Just saw this after I posted on Patch so I'll share here as well.....What's all the fuss about "Old Guard"? They ARE the Old Guard, defending the historic uses and abuses of our town and tax dollars. I think it's oh-so-cute that now they want to be called the "loyal opposition" - opposed to what? Progress? The idea of one person having one unpaid vote as a way of democracy? Fair treatment of all even if they weren't born here and connected? Political office potential for anyone and not just those hand picked by entrenched clannish special interests? Truth instead of media cycles? A more enlightened dynamic in town? Too funny.

  7. affable lol. He's another one, i lower the volume and get a snack and hope his 5 min is over when i get back. And talk about him running down the street away from u.....u should leave skid marks the other way .......

  8. ok maybe among his own....but surely not a mediator and condescending in his speeches....very hard to listen to him....to win over the people he has to able to see all sides of an issue.

  9. GA- Thanks for doing this blog, you are funny, smart, truthful and you don't rule with a heavy hand like other sites do/did.
    I love your relentless attack on Witch Mason and the complete fraud that she is- from her reform politics to her religion (Cross Today orStar of David Tomorrow or Burka on Tuesday)
    Her fake concern for the Monarch is a deal with Barry because they know the council has no say.
    They want Neuman Leather and the council decides on that.
    Beth and her equally disgusting Husband Richard Mason of Wachtell Lipton are simply out to destroy Hoboken because Hoboken hates them.
    Perhaps she could do some good and move to Manhattan where she can be an even bigger nobody.

    This is the woman who went from Open House Parties with reformers spilling out the front door, to a wrinkled shrill whose only freeing is an obese neanderthal squeezed into a copyright infringing Gumby Suit

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Bugz. Real nice of you to say.

      This blog is my response to the craziness. If we lived in a different kind of place I'd be writing about banana bread.

    2. Funny you should say that Avenger. I was just thinking the other day how nice it would be to live in a world where I felt no need to write basically as a corrective measure about local politics. But I guess it keeps me out of trouble. Or in trouble? I guess it depends who you ask. Anyway, Avenger, indeed, we salute you. But could you write about barbequing if things get slow? In the interest of full disclosure I don't like banana bread.

    3. Boo hiss, ply. I do make apple pie. you like that?

    4. It was nice of you to step up to the plate. Sure, I'll bite, that sounds like a Delicious topic, and, I believe would be appealing to your core audience. If you have the crust to really sink your teeth into it, it should really pan out. But please don't go out on a limb to give just desserts to my half-baked idea. I'll stop by this site anyway just to see what's cooking. But apologies, I didn't mean to compare apples to oranges.

    5. Uh-oh, now I'm afraid to tell you my pie's got a crumb topping...

    6. Oh, no worries, Avenger, that's a Hoboken tradition. Why they even have a crumb topping the 2nd Ward. What you probably don't want to hear is my kinky "blue" puns about the whipped creme, they're pretty (redacted)(redacted)take a cake server and (redacted), (redacted), a la mode (redacted).

  10. btw, funny how links to this post are repeatedly deleted (and then reposted!) on the nj.com message board. some want to share it, and some obviously don't. as they like to say, must have touched a nerve.

  11. I am having a good chuckle about the commonly repested statement made by the Old Guard that "Reform Eats Its Own". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!@!!!!!

    1. So true K,
      The Old Guard not only Eats their own, but even worse they sell each other out, undermine each other and backstab them.
      They are all sleeping with one eye open

    2. I think the biggest riff is they realize Ms Mason is politically radioactive now and are trying to jettison her mayoral candidate-wise but she won't go away, and has enough moolah to hang in there as a vote-splitter and an irritant.

    3. Took them long enough to figure out she wast toxic. I guess pretty much every honest person in town turning their backs on her and her little clique wasn't clue enough?

  12. Can't wait to see Mason in doing her best impression of this HCDO ally of hers:


  13. Al Sullivan was tipped off by a Mason Consultant/Rathole Blogger Duo because The Old Guard won't support The "Metastasizing" of Mason Cancerous growths known as Maureen Sullivan.
    Just when The "OG" thought they were done with The Unibrow and The Beast-Wife, they are getting "blackmailed into putting a Mason Tumor on their BOE Slate.
    But The OG won't have it, Raia doesn't need Mason Money like The Ramos's and Russos want, he has his own.
    Raia will call the shots on the BOE and everyone else will follow.

    It will be the Cops Daughter, Anthony Oland and Raia himself.

    1. Fascinating, Bugz!

      The Mason Tumor is Maureen?

    2. Watch Raia steer more no bid contracts to himself.

    3. she's one of the tumors that has spread

    4. Really it is 2 different types of cancer battling each other.

  14. The Boys and Girls Club's Gary Greenberg and Corruption Pin-Up Boy Scott Delea Have cut hot meals and replaced it with Kool-Aid and Rice Krispie Treats.
    Way to PArty with Purpose Scotty Boy!

    From The Hoboken PARENTS ON THE Delea/Greenberg CUTS
    "Every child got a warm meal," she said. "It was chicken, baked chicken, with rice and beans. They’d have chili. I saw they had a little shredded beef. They had a good meal with protein every night." And the kids need it, she said, since many of them live in the Hoboken Housing Authority and have parents who are "low-functioning," meaning alcoholics or addicts.

    Without the meal at the Boys and Girls Club, the parent said, some kids would go hungry.

    Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Hudson County Gary Greenberg said

    "It took up a tremendous amount of time with prepping it, serving it, cleaning up after it," Greenberg said. "It cut down so much on activity time.

    " Now the kids are offered a Rice Krispies Treat and Kool-Aid.

  15. I've heard that he has put out a bounty on the person who is leaking me information. Perhaps he should call in the FBI to track it down. No, wait a minute, someone's already done that

    1. Ha ha ha! Welcome back to GA, Sully! After a long, long hiatus.

      Well, I've set out my trap... and I've got him cornered...



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