Punxsutawney Tim

Oh no! Punxsutawney Tim saw his shadow!

It looks like 6 more weeks of Kool Aid and Rice Krispy Treats for the Boys & Girls Club children.

Because since the truth of the 'Two Cities' conditions at the B&G- new management squeezing the B&G kids, taking away their hot meals, renting out their activity space so there no where for these kids to go- Timmy O's stayed way underground.  As silent as a ground hog.

Want to know why?

Kool Aid from a slop sink and Rice Krispy Treat dinners for hungry kids don't make a great photo-op.

B&G Occhipinti photo-ops.  Actual photos.

Not like planting flowers and pool openings.

Fighting graffiti wars in Jersey City makes a terrific press release. Tim's NJ Transit friends couldn't paint it over fast enough. The B&G needs more than a coat of paint.  It needs immediate attention.

How about taking a little of that political capital to make some noise for the B&G kids in your ward?

Forget you're a politician for 5 minutes.  How about doing what's right?

Director Greenberg's dinner menu.  Serving actual food is "inefficient".

And that goes for EVERY elected official in Hoboken.

Timmy, this is on YOUR doorstep.  Don't burrow back in your hole for another 6 weeks.


  1. This has really gone far enough. If Assemblyman Ramos has time to be sending glossy political feel-good mailers to everyone in Hoboken, he certainly has time to weigh in on Mr Raia's apparently conflicted role with public education in this town and Mr Ramos' own involvement with the Boy's and Girl's Club. We need leadership here, not damage control and diversions.

  2. Sorry, I misspoke. I meant to say Assemblyman Ramos' own involvement with HoLa, not the Boy's and Girl's Club.

  3. p1y: Stating the painfully obvious, whatever could be construed as "leadership skills" for this herd of trough-feeders rarely involves the general public good.

    Until legal authorities take action, the only real recourse is mobilizing for change via effective "reform" voting. Their strategy has long been to bank on a combination of voter apathy & war of atrician.

    Transform the outrage into practical solutions with realistic action plans.

    Again stating the painfully obvious, all easier said than done.


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