Politicizing Good Will

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Hoboken411- left panel: Mason "Helping Hands" fundraiser for fire victims, right panel: Chadwick's "Fire Fundraiser Scam"

They were FOR it before they was AGAINST it.

(They = Perry Klaussen and assorted Beth Mason operatives.)

The smear campaign on this latest charitable endeavor by two local businessmen debuted on Mason's 'news source' Hoboken411 (then propagated online by anonymous bloggers) shows how toxic the partisan politics in our City have become in 2012, where everything is low hanging fruit for hateful political operatives. 

GA  is pretty grossed-out by the orchestrated smear campaign against Rory Chadwick and Joe Branco, organizers of the March 2nd fundraiser at Room 84. I'll bet you are, too.

And this morning,  HobokenFollower1 reminded me of several similar fundraisers held for victims of the fatal fire at 12th and Washington Street in 2008.

Now,  GA supports ALL good works to help the needy no matter WHO is the organizer.

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Mason's Second Ward Victims Fund hosted fundraiser in 2008

Mason's 'news source'- the same one that praised Mason's charity toward fire victims-  has called Rory Chadwick's fundraiser a "scam" and Chadwick an "attention whore", "former scam artist convict" and "ex-felon".  

A longtime Mason blogger 'Boink'  joins in the smear: "PayPal is not a 501c and neither are cash donations at the door and cash for possibly an illegal raffle..." then posts a link to the NYS Department of Corrections.

In a letter written Feb 2, 2008 reminding people about her upcoming fundraiser,  Mason herself endorsed using PayPal:
"...Checks must be made out to: Second Ward Victims Fire Fund You can also donate online via PayPal."
Well, GA didn't find the 'Second Ward Victims Fund' on IRS list of Hoboken 501(c)3s  or any record of it on the IRS web site, which could  mean it's tax-exempt status was revoked, the charity's defunct or...   does it really matter?
The point is... there is no point to mean-spirited, personal attacks on public or private individuals trying to help their neighbors in a crisis.

So, let the disgraceful hypocrisy of Hoboken411, it's sponsor, Beth Mason and her crew be remembered.

Meanwhile, do you know who else held a fundraiser for the fire victims in 2008?
Russo, along with Mayor Dave Roberts, is holding a fundraiser at the Hoboken Elks Club on Feb. 12th - $30 at the door, cash bar and all proceeds go to benefit the families displaced by the fire.

This group called itself 'Neighbors in Need" and simply requested that checks be mailed to a... P.O. Box?

Well, we are blessed to live in a community where folks look out for each other and step up to help those who've suffered tragedy.   In 2008 and 2012... anytime.


(Update, 4 pm)

This email just came in as : Beth's Fundraiser inside
I know someone who was on that committee to dole out the money she raised in 08.

He was so incensed because after the weeks of putting it together  she held meeting saying we want "evidence of need" and "show us you're poor" and "proof" of no insurance.

It took several weeks and by that time everyone had been resettled, so they all gave up and voted to disburse the money evenly as my friend suggested in the first place.

Mason lost all interest by the end-after the press was over. She actually only raised less than 11k and the average victim got verrrry little.


  1. Let me just quibble with you on one point.

    If Mason advised people to take a tax deduction for a 501c3 that was never successfully set up, she has a problem. If she advised them to do so by email, she has another problem. Those problems have code names with the IRS.

    1. Maybe you can ask your friends at Mamouns.

    2. Food for thought, HL.

      My goodness, the allegations keep piling up, don't they?

  2. What would expect from Mason411? No good deed by a reformer ever goes unpunished there.Yuck!


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