Pass the Mutz, Keep the Yutz

Read about making (DELICIOUS) mutz at M & P Biancamano Deli in Hoboken

My goodness, Tuesday night's BoE meeting is the gift that keeps on giving!

Giving to this blog, I mean.

GA just got two more eyewitness testimonials  that are so compelling, I've decided to make them their own post.  

Here's the first, from someone who sat through the entire raucus BoE meeting and lived to tell.

Peter Biancamano sat at the dais Tuesday making a complete ass of himself (which is the norm).

It started with him pointedly accusing the seasoned, renowned BA Davis of presenting a budget without publicly noticing it in the newspapers. Only to be told that this was NOT the Budget Presentation but was simply an explanation of the anticipated projections for the Budget and that only the board can present the budget on the agenda. DUH!

You are a sitting board member and don't know this?????  There's more.

One of the funniest and most embarrassing points of the meeting for Deli Boy was when he tried to pull a "gotcha" regarding the public petition the Raia clan was trying to use and was told to "cut" by one of his handlers.

Deli Boy had slyly commented some thing along the lines of  "WELL, it is my understanding that the BA received a petition this afternoon at 2:30, BEFORE this meeting, containing 2600 signatures"- with a shit eating grin and a twinkle in his eye...

Only to be told by the attorney that said petition was irrelevant.

Aghast, Deli Boy began stuttering and belched out- "Buuu, buuu, buuutt there were 2 petitions!  You got 2 petitions!  The public has already decided in those 2 petitions!"

He sounded like a fool- it was SO bad, that Nick Callichio, from the rear of the room, was wildly gesturing "CUT" to Deli Boy. Unfortunately Deli Boy was so stunned he didn't pick up on the "cut" sign himself so Theresa Minutillo, politely informed him, "Nick, in the back of the room, is telling you to be quiet."

Deli Boy got silent and sat in pure dazed confusion- which, again, is the norm for all meetings.

You think Tim is dim? You should go to a few  BoE meetings, they must have been twins separated at birth- Deli Boy obviously got the short end of the oxygen stick.

Yes, reader I DO think Tim is dim.  Don't you?

So dim in fact, I'm dedicating this original knock-knock joke to him:

Tim: Knock, knock.

Hoboken Mayor, City Council and all her Directors:  Who's there?

Tim:   It's me, Councilman Occhipinti.  There is graffiti on the 4th Ward overpass into the country of Hoboken. I’d like to think that this is one of the “gateways” into our country and this is unacceptable. Graffiti not only lowers property values in our nation but this is what visitors and residents see first upon entering our land.  I am not entirely certain whose jurisdiction this falls under so I included Freeholder Romano and the entire team investigating me at the Newark F.B.I. office.  Perhaps I should send this to Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno in Trenton?  Please work on a corrective action plan to address the graffiti on multiple walls and let me know your course of action to resolve this. I would like you to provide the plan to address this at next week’s council meeting.  Pop-up book format preferred, but a coloring book is acceptable.

Hoboken Mayor, City Council and all her Directors:  The overpass is in Jersey City, and belongs to NJ Transit.  And Hoboken is not a country, you frigging idiot.

Tim:  Thanks for clearing that up!  Which reminds me, there are big piles of doggie doo under that overpass which lowers property values and is the first thing that visitors and residents see when entering the country of Hoboken...

Once an idiot, always an idiot. 

Now, for our next eyewitness testimonial to Hoboken's own Jerry Springer Show.
Toward the beginning of the meeting, the guy who assaulted a Kids First supporter in a polling place last year and grabbed her camera, Michael Holmes, was walking around the back of the room slamming his fist into his palm yelling "Why can't we just take care of this like old times? The old-fashioned way?" He did not look like he was kidding. He is notorious for a long history of assaults and altercations over politics, but it's pretty surprising that these people still pull this stuff out in the open nowadays. It just doesn't play well at all, what used to be their own private turf is now public domain, and all they do is show their true colors.
Oh boy.


  1. Please tell me Deli Boy at least owns the deli and isn't some idiot who just makes sandwiches and mops floors b/c seriously, that is just pathetic if the old guard picked a guy who is barely qualified to flip burgers, make sandwiches or pump gas to be their rep on the BOE.

    1. It belongs to his parents, and some say their mutz is the best in Hoboken. In fact Peter B., an affable fellow, holds "office hours" at the deli. Yes, it's true!

      Here's what he wrote to the Hudson Reporter:

      That is why I will now begin to hold office hours on the Saturday before regularly scheduled board meetings. I will be available at M and P Biancamano Deli located at 1116 Washington St. from 1:30 – 3:30 on the second Saturday of each month. I look forward to talking with you.

      His letter was disturbing for the reasons I mentioned here:

  2. i've been going to that deli for 20+ years, the mutz is great and his parents are nice and always friendly. i'll leave it at that.

  3. PB has been an HCDO "youth corps" nimno for awhile. Even if just as lunk-headed, he at least seems less overtly thuggish than Matt & Nick C.

    Back when Peter C. was in the planning stages for his mayoral run, PB was often eagerly floating around the periphery of a lot of meetings with Maurice F., etc. (Also as a Dem. Committeeman, yes?) Then obviously groomed by the "Old Guard" as a sort of fresh-faced BnR flunky for the BoE.

    Ditto JAM. Great mutz & nice folks.

    Sad that PB has to blur the boundaries with the family biz & hold political office hours there. Some misguided sense it somehow adds to his "charm," perhaps. Or maybe just multi-tasking out of laziness. He already has his marching orders anyway.

    GA is right---keep the mutz & lose the putz.


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