Old Guard's BoE: Payroll Scam #1

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From the scandalous 2005-2006 BoE audit's payroll analysis (page 43)- the first of a number of ways YOU and the CHILDREN of our district got ripped off by the Old Guard foxes in charge of the BoE piggy bank...

A $6 Million dollar GIVE-AWAY: 118 employees were terminated within 30 days of their hire date and then  PAID after their termination. 

GA can understand one, possibly two 'oversights'  but... 118???  

In one year.

Out of those, 117 were paid 90 days after termination, the other 1 was paid in the period between the 31st and 90th day of termination... for a grand total of $6, 044,444.

That money could have bought Connors new textbooks, a new library and new computers (ones that appear in the school), and then some...money that should have been used on educational programs or for the KIDS.

That was YOUR money. 

Now do you understand why the ruckus at the Board meeting on 2/14...   why the Old Guard was fighting tooth and nail to stop the movement of elections to November... the theatrics of the Old Guard players... and why they are trying so hard to topple Kids First?

It's ALL there-  the systemic corruption documented in that 297-page audit.

Yes, they want it back; they want  our School Budget as their ATM and jobs bank AGAIN, and are working hard to discourage involved, activist parents from using the public schools by having surrogates bad mouth them online 24/7.

Read the audit... or skim it.

We know the Hoboken Reporter, Jersey Journal and other local media won't tell this story.   So please share it with your friends and neighbors. 

More Payroll Scams to follow.

Hint:  the Old Guard's BoE pays you even when you're dead!


  1. How does the BOE 'hire' 118 people in a year? That is truly insane if true.

  2. Page 43, ddavid.


    Maybe that's possible when you have over 1,000 employees showing no job description or location assignment- that's on page 40.

    Insane? Oh, yeah.

    1. I guess I'm a doubting Thomas having jumped to conclusions myself.

      I went to the page. It looks like the 118 where not hired and fired in 30 days. The Follow up procedures claimed that ending dates were something akin to starting dates a terrible 'mixup'

      I'd chalk this up under records keeping is so bad we can't determine the level of fraud. Unless some more followup was done ( doubtful )

    2. Let's call it a big, murky blob by design. And very hard to determine the level of fraud when payroll records are rife with missing employee information.

      So, I will err on the side of thievery with this gang.


      Btw, if you're a doubting Thomas, shouldn't you change your moniker to 'thomasd'?

  3. Just to put this into perspective:

    These 117 people that were hired, fired, and then paid cost the taxpayers an average of $51,616 PER PERSON.

    What kind of job hires you, fires you, and then pays you over 50 grand???
    And to do this 117 times?

    That is beyond shameful, beyond "taking care of your own". It is criminal, and deserves justice.

  4. So if it hasn't started already, deluge Paula Dow with phone calls & letters. And/or find an advocacy group that can help with taking legal action. You're already well under way with "discovery."

    And most importantly, register & educate Hoboken voters.


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