Old Guard's BoE: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Reader ddavid was somewhat incredulous yesterday at the notion that the Old Guard's BoE could actually have hired then fired 118 people in a single year (after which they collected paychecks in the amount of $6 MILLION) as GA wrote yesterday.

"...Insane, if true" wrote ddavid.

ddavid, honey.  Exactly.  Insane.

It's the "if true" part of your comment that concerns me.

Because until the public wraps it's collective head around the scope of thievery that went on at the BoE a few short years ago UNDER OUR NOSES and UNDER the management of some CURRENT BOARD MEMBERS who seek to grab control AGAIN aided by FORMER 'Old Guard' BOARD MEMBERS who are rumored to be running again, then history may repeat itself.

Have we learned these people have no shame?

So ddavid, here you go. On page 40. The audit found that in the Old Guard's BoE:

     Now, do you get it?

    How many cats and dogs were on the BoE payroll? How many people were on there 2, 3, 4 times?  Was someone's granny getting a paycheck, too?

    NOW do you see WHY they are CLAWING to get their snouts back in our $59 million dollar school budget?

    Now do you see why they'll do ANYTHING to defile the reputation of Kids First, who have brought sunlight, transparency, ethics, fairness and have STOPPED the STEALING from our kids?

    Props to Theresa Minutillo, the lone BoE member on that panel, the Kids First pioneer, who fought for ethics and rule and order in such an enviroment.  GA found this letter on Ed Mecka, written in 2006:

    It was incredible and appalling, as I watched Board of Ed. President Jim Farina rushing to vote on his "Resolution" to appoint a former board member (who was defeated in last April's Election) to fill the vacancy of current board member Jack Raslowsky (who had just presented his letter of resignation) prior to that meeting.
    Well, folks Minutillo tried.

    I have a new respect for her after reading this audit, seeing how awful it really was; I don't know that my spirit would have survived that kind of beating, enough to keep plugging away. Minutillo is a true pioneer.

    Well, thanks to new leadership we are in a different world now.  Our money goes to our schools and not into the pockets of  Old Guard 'friends'.

    Believe it or not, there's plenty more in that audit to make you throw up.

    So come back soon for a good barf.

    Read it and weep: 2005-1006 BoE audit, page 40


    1. I cannot believe that bitch and those 2 vermin continue to lecture everyone one how to run a school board on Patch. There is simply no bottom for these people.

      1. Grafix, if this one scheme alone was worth 6,000,000, how come the BoE budget is not dropping like a rock now that this sort of abusive spending is being eliminated by KF?

      2. HR, monies that were diverted into people's pockets were supposed to be used for educational purposes now are used for the schools.

        But you're not exactly right- after KF took over they cut 7% from the previous year's budget- that's $4 MILLION. Is that stone-like?

        NJDOE rules and iron-clad contracts created by (pre-KF) Old Guard boards prevented cuts others may have wanted to see. That point cannot be overstated.

        So, KF managed a 7% while reducing cost per pupil.

        KF's fiscal management created a $1M budget SURPLUS.

        HR, here's my view: KF stopped the stealing. Did their own audit and had it read publicly. Stopped the Old Guard trickery of pulling out low performing students to cook' the score results.

        The direction is right so are the guiding principals. Certainly, if you have concerns about the budget please do air them to the Board at the BoE or via email.


    2. As MBB noted on another thread, best to explore any & all legal action available. This just screams of so many possible tax & Dept. of Labor violations right off the top. Separate from outright thievery.

      What are the statutes of limitations involved? Who at the State level allowed this to go on without taking action?

      Even if it proves nearly impossible to recoup the monies "stolen," perhaps some of the outcomes could involve ensuring that none of the guilty parties will ever be employable in public service again, or able to run for any public office. Anywhere. And/or anyone convicted of a felony related to this long-standing travesty would have to forfeit any applicable public pension.


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