Nurse Mason Botches Head Transplant!

NFL-safe 'Go Giants' graphic. Note giant-potato farmer is NOT wearing a football helmet with NFL insignia.

After reading through a fraction of the voluminous  NFL trademark licensing rules and restrictions, GA is terrified of posting any S-word (Superbowl) or NFL-related images, so the companion graphic to this post will be something that doesn't get me in any trouble.   

Do you get it?  

GO + GIANT (potato).

You see, without the NFL's permission, even using the 'Go Giants" slogan in their trademarked Giants-font and colors, like Beth Mason did in her lying-ad is PROHIBITED.

See where she did it?   Uh-oh!

But the greater problem may come from decapitating Patriot Aaron Hernandez (no. 81), and transplanting the female mayor's head on his neck-stump.

I am guessing the Patriots organization is in a foul mood today, and this kind of surgical feat performed without permission on their 'property' would not be appreciated.

These are some of the people in the Patriots management least likely to enjoy Nurse Mason's botched head transplant (the first ever NFL head-transplant with a Hoboken Mayor).

Yes, indeed.  But I am guessing the corporate owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, Chairman and CEO of Kraft would be none-too-thrilled to see the exploitation of his players for a cheap, political attack.  I suppose his Chief Information Officer, Pat Curley, could pass it on:

Now, yesterday's post Fumble! got some interesting reader feedback.
Only mason would think it acceptable to hijack the Superbowl for a political attack.... it actually says "Let's Go Giants!" at the end !?

You might find this interesting. I worked for a firm several year's back that used the term Superbowl for one of their conference series' - (redacted) (and a couple of others.) The brochure design included two football helmets. Anyway, they were contacted by the NFL for copyright infringement. I don't think they had to pay any fine (I was in another department, so I can't be 100% sure of this.) They were, however, required to not use the term Superbowl, but were allowed to use Super Bowl going forward. (see event listing attachment.) They also had to remove the helmets from their designs going forward.


There are going to be 150k people wandering through the area with open wallets. Fat wallets. I do not think I understand the objection to seeing if we might somehow benefit from that blessed event. It's on a Sunday after all.

$3.5million for 30 seconds of air time this year.

Hotels are already being booked.  It may never happen again. The NFL has steadfastly avoided playing the game in places where weather could be a factor since it would tend to give an advantage to cold weather teams who play in the elements all the time.

Rather than penny-pinching a brief junket, I would like to see that the city is spending enough time and effort on this.  How to make Hoboken a "destination."  Merchandizing opportunities.  Media events.  Charitable events.   How to market having the night life of Manhattan with the crime rate of Manasquan.

Instead of asking what was spent in Indy, find out what the ongoing plan is, if a committee is being set up, business/government partnerships, etc.

Oh, if only we had one of those chamber of commerce thingys like they have in some towns...


So true!  Where's OUR Chamber of Commerce?  And it's president, Mike Novak?

Oops!  He's in the bath.

Well, the Superbowl's coming in 2014... did Novak meet with the NFL like 2 Zimmer officials did to develop business partnerships and prepare Hoboken for this historic commercial opportunity?

Why is Beth Mason ATTACKING the Zimmer administration for a nominal investment in tapping this historic opportunity for Hoboken's business community?

Meanwhile, a friend just forwarded this- the NFL just busted Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold for using their footage without a license:
Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold is out with a new TV ad that includes footage from NFL games to help make the case that his political opponents should be penalized for "dancing in the end zone" -- celebrating his defeat prematurely.

But according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the league has asked the Feingold campaign to take down the ad:

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Journal Sentinel that the league did not license the footage used in the ad. He said the league had contacted the Feingold campaign about removing it.

Shame on you, Russ!

You must not have a single advertising executive on your campaign staff.