*New Feature* Old Guard Looted the BoE

Folks, this will absolutely blow your mind.

GA was told about an 'old' Hoboken BoE audit online at the NJDOE for the school year 2005 - 2006.  The 2005-2006 School Board members were: Frank Raia, Theresa Burns, Carmelo Garcia, Frances Rhodes-Kearns, Jimmy Farina,  Jack Raslowsky, Maggie Porata,  and Theresa Minutillo.

The audit is a stunning 297 pages-  click HERE to see it.

Mind you, this audit has NEVER BEEN PRESENTED PUBLICLY and GA did not even know it existed until today. 

It is an amazing document; there is an overwhelming amount to review. From vast amounts of technology equipment ordered for Connors School  (FBI guys, check the invoices and serial numbers to see if ANY of this equipment actually made it there or else see what Patrick Ricciardi knows), more than a hundred cell phone accounts, NUMEROUS unexplained legal fees, food (restaurants),  flowers, paying employees' traffic tickets, large dubious billings without any supporting invoices or documentation...

The bottom line: the audit is a window into the Old Guard corrupt practices of  feeding at the School Budget (your money) like hungry little piggies at a trough INSTEAD of using the money for EDUCATIONAL purposes.

It's WHY the Old guard is fighting Kids First tooth and nail for control of the school board.

This is 'the clock' they want to turn back to.  GA will be featuring line items from this audit in a new feature called "Old Guard Looting at the BoE'- until I come up with a better title.

But you get the point.  In no particular order...

Hmmm... how could that be?

Maybe Theresa Burns remembers who stayed in those extra rooms? Or Frank Raia?

Oh, wait...

Well, isn't that special?

Taxpayers of Hoboken, aren't you glad to have paid for Louis Picardo's School Board Association freebie to Atlantic City PLUS his $300 stipend?  I hope he scored on the slots.

Maybe Theresa Burns remembers how Louis did at Black Jack?  Or Frank Raia?

Stay tuned! And please by all means, take a look at the audit yourself- click HERE.


  1. Wow. That's a lot of meals at Frankie and Johnnies! These guys were/are absolute thieves, but at least they had good taste in restaurants.

    Thank you for publicizing this audit. What a joke! Shame on the Old Guard for stealing from me and OUR KIDS!

    1. Oh, more more more to come. It's overwhelming.

      Tons of computer equipment ordered, cell phones... what happened to this stuff? It was supposed to go to Connors. Is it there? ANY of it?

      Anyone with time, feel free to add up all of the legal fees billed. And so many firms- why? I'll bet the total is atrocious.

      In fact, everyone, have at it.



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