Mason Announces 2014 Superbowl Business Plan

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  1. How much you wanna bet she spent more on that lie-infested ad than the city spent on the trip?

    And she markets herself as some kind of biz-wiz?

  2. What our level of engagement for the Super Bowl in 2014 should be remains to be seen, but Mrs. Richard G. Mason's latest attempt to fault the mayor's forward thinking is another glaring example of how the corrupt council majority can only be reactive, not pro-active. This is why none of them deserve a seat in any governing body and certainly none of them possess the ability to manage our budget. They aren't qualifed to run a lemonade stand.

  3. Figures Ms Mason would be on a roll hot-dogging it again, we never relish her input. However, I'm not sure with all we've seen from the Old Guard that there is room for even one more weenie in this town. The Feds will be grilling them soon enough. Looks like that graphic above is up on MSV now as well, so I guess you got the cart before the Horse on this one.


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