Marsh and Cunningham Foil Farmer Frank on BoE Elections!

Yep, Farmer Frank must be hopping mad!

See those VBMs he's got on his pitchfork?

Them's 4th Ward VBMs- yeee HAW!  And he's delivered another batch higher than a hay stack to the Hudson County Clerk!

Yep, 'cause last night Farmer Franks City Council farm hands  tried a coup d'etat of the BoE in a SURPRISE (sneak) emergency resolution to take the School Board election decision AWAY from the School Board...

But, but... GA (you ask)... what was the EMERGENCY when the BoE election is 4 months away (or 10 months away if it moves to November)?  What KIND of an 'emergency' is that?

It's a farming emergency.

The BoE is going to vote on whether to move their elections to November at their next meeting. Which is February 14th. And once they do, it's irreversible by the City Council AND referendum for a period of 4 years.   Hence... the good Farmer Frank sent his City Council buddies to 'fix' what Governor Christie 'broke'- the CHOICE by elected officials in either the City Council or the School Board to hold November elections.

And the next, a presidential election, will make it nearly impossible for Farmer Frank to do what he did to the School Board election in 2010.

Take a look at those election results by ward, and by all means click on the images so you can read the absentee ballot (VBM) totals per ward:

3-year Term

1-year Term

Farmer Frank's been harvesting School Board votes in the 4th ward for years;  in a low turn-out election, those votes are decisive.

But has Farmer Frank got $40/each for the thousands more voters that will flood the polls next November?  Does he have enough farm hands?  Further, how many outside of the 4th Ward would SELL their vote to the Farmer?   (And GA hears the asking price is much higher in the 2nd and 3rd wards- $75 and up)

So... enter our HEROES, Carol Marsh and Peter Cunningham.

They arrived last night to discover Farmer Frank's 'emergency' resolution was put on the agenda by the Farmer's farm hands... and what did our HEROES do?

They LEFT.   No meeting. 

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  

Next time GA sees those two, I will slobber them with kisses  because as a public school MOM, giving our schools over to Farmer Frank and the Russos is my nightmare. These people don't give a rat's ass about our schools... its that juicy $59 million budget and the power to grant favors, because what did Mike Russo say to Solomon Dwek on that F.B.I. surveillance tape?

"You do for me, I'll do for you"


Kids First has taken a machete to the plethora of redundant jobs and diverted money BACK to the kids, where it belongs.  THAT'S why we have a million-dollar surplus, folks.  It didn't happen by accident.

Mason, Occhipinti, Russo and Castellano could care less about my kid or yours. To them this was a political power-play; the 'ownership' of the $59 million BoE budget. 

Thank goodness our City Council majority members left the building.


  1. Check out Patch. Cancer Barbie & the Cabbie Crooner were up seething, hissing, lashing out at all comers until going on 2am. The glossy smear flier that stands a chance of mattering in April with 10-15% turnout is pretty worthless in November. Check the COMEX this morning. Propaganda futures are way down.

    Speaking of those two. They keep mentioning a "39 year civil servant" who is being ill-treated by the city. But they never give his name. Who could this poor fellow be? Why won't they name him so we can rally to his defense...?

    As I have said so many times - hate makes you stupid.

  2. Thanks Hoboken Leaks, will do! It's a beautiful morning.

  3. Mort didn't cast their shadow, so the BoE has eight more months until the next election.

  4. Another brilliant piece GA! Your website traffic must be through the roof, as you are clearly the "go to" analyst when it comes to what's behind Hoboken's crazy political landscape.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks, Philip. Though I'm guessing Hoboken's farming community might disagree...


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