Look Who Went to Atlantic City

The HVAC Repair Guy!  Remember him?

Oh sure, you do.

He's the guy who was paid $96K/ year to phone in service repairs for wall AC units and televisions... He's the guy whose contract was NOT renewed by Kids First when it came up early in the 2009-2010 school year. 

The HVAC Guy was installed by the Old Guard.  And they liked him soooo much, that...

Both he AND Louis Picardo, Hoboken's Tax Collector, got freebie trips to Atlantic City PLUS $300 STIPENDS available to SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS only.   (Isn't it nice to have friends?)

Well, freebies for THEM- but you and I paid for it. kaching kaching

That was quite a 'mistake' made by the Raia School Board majority,  wasn't it?

I wonder if  Frank Raia or  Theresa Burns reminded either of those 2 during the whole 3-day trip that they weren't School Board members therefore shouldn't be shacking up at Trump Plaza on the taxpayers' dime?

No wonder they can't stand Kids First.  No more parties in Atlantic City with FRIENDS, paid for by TAXPAYERS.

Folks, this audit will make your head spin.  Take a look- click here.
GA Note:
Readers are contacting me citing various audit line items that shocked and disgusted them.  Please, if possible provide a page number for the respective revolting abuse of your tax dollars so that I may access it.  That would be extremely helpful, thank you. Reach me at: grafixavenger666@gmail.com


  1. Good for you, GA, to be continuing to expose the chicanery!

    Sunshine can be such a wonderful disinfectant!

  2. yeah, cheers! you've definitely got them scrambling on the patch comments, clear evidence of what happened -- and will happen again -- when the old guard ran the BoE. outrageous spending, and tburns dismisses it as "some expense reports from years ago." well, wrong is wrong, whether you did it yesterday or 1 years ago is immaterial.


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