Look What the Wind Blew In! - UPDATED

Yikes! What happened to Perry Belefiore?

Perry, honey... GA's worried about you.

Have you been drinking that Fructis by Garnier instead of washing your god-like, fluffy silver mane with it?

Honey, your letter in this week's Hoboken Reporter puts the BLOW in bloviation... I haven't seen burst of gas like that since that pipeline exploded in the Gulf of Mexico.

Look out everybody!  Here he comes!

Now GA heard about your bit of theater at the last Board of Education meeting... and I gotta tell you I thought it was cool. 

Very sixties.

GA is all about the oppressed little guy trying to free himself from beneath the crushing, authoritarian thumb of The Man. 

We think alike; your letter invoked the 60's mistrust of government then compared your experience at the BoE to the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

Fluffy-haired One, you got the sixties angle right, but that's an odd analogy (and I'm being polite).  If we are massacre-shopping, I would have picked the one at Kent State instead.

Because that night you stood up to The Man, Rose Markle, heroically, without concern for life or limb, like those protesters did to the National Guard at Kent State, Ohio.  Remember that still photo of the  young man standing opposite a line of gunmen with riffles aimed straight at him?

Just like you, at the podium that night up against the ladies of the School Board.  So courageous.

Yep those students were protesting the American invasion of Cambodia while you demanded your right to pass wind for 3 more minutes. 

Make Love, Not War.  Blow Gas,Three More.

You ARE a child of the sixties, Perry- you've even got that hippy hair.

Well, I'm thankful that The Man (Rose) didn't have you removed.  Instead you were assisted by another Freedom-fighter Nick Calicchio. 

And in the end The Man (Rose) only gave you ONE more minute... but surely your fate was better than those 4 murdered at Kent State.  In your analogy, the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, the 7 were killed were mob associates- in the backdrop of the Chicago gang wars during Prohibition.

Come to think of it... maybe Perry's analogy to gangsters WAS more appropriate than mine to noble peace-warriors... 

Well, once the HR posts Perry's letter  you can read his flowery dissent against The Man yourself.

I've gotta warn you, he uses a lot of big, high-falutin' words: 'fait accompli', exemplar, etc., mixed in with craven partisan political ones: cronies, First Husband, Zimmer's board members, etc.

It's kind of confusing... like being served Campbell's Soup at a fine French restaurant.

But that's why I like Perry- he's a Hoboken original.  

I just hope he gets well soon.

(Updated, 2/27  6:15 am)
Here's a taste of the Belefiore letter which was not online when I posted yesterday.

Warning:  GA recommends you coat your face in kevlar or any type of safety shield prior to reading this for protection from the blast (of hot gas).
Of course, I spoke. Trying to convey how the elected unilaterally extending their time in office was a major concern, I spoke of our representative form of government, which allows the elected to make decisions in the name of the people for a prescribed period and how this contract between the elected and the governed cannot be amended, to extend time in office, without consent from both parties. Midway through I was told my time had elapsed and threatened with arrest if I continued to speak. Debate on these consequential issues stymied, the threat of removal by uniformed police indicates not the lofty stated goal of increased voter participation but a tyrannical board obsessed with abject self-preservation.

I recognized a fait accompli and the affront to the democratic process was exemplar. Zimmer’s board members will tell you other districts enacted similar resolutions, or how not voting on the budget isn’t important. Left unsaid is how recent similar effort to extend the terms of Mayor Zimmer and her council cronies was rebuked by the people.

I don’t want to conflate the people’s right to set the course of term limits through referendum with the operations of the district. Our goal should be to provide the best education. However, the tumultuous 1960s imparted a healthy suspicion of government leaving indelible denying any governing body more than the will of the people freely gives. The will of the people was never considered at the board’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Peter P. Belfiore


  1. that letter is so over the top, incredible. dude has too much time on his hands.

  2. Perry failed to mention that he was almost arrested at the meeting. That said I agree that the board should have maintained the 5 minute rule although they were allowed to change it. Of course I said I opposed it, but didn't create a scene like Perry or Nick.

  3. I don't think Perry almost got arrested. He was almost escorted out by the police. Big difference. 5 minutes would have been nice, but the animals in the room were barking too loud throughout the meeting. Do you really think they would have stopped talking if they were given 5 minutes apiece?!!

  4. Wow!!! Perry is so hungry for attention and recognition, he's made a damned fool of himself in public again. He disappeared from public view and public forums for about four months, after at least a half dozen unmarked law enforcement cars surrounded his house at 5:45 one morning in June 2011. All the lights were blazing in Perry's house at the time...a very unusual occurrence. He's laid low for a while, but couldn't help but interject himself in the last Board of Ed meeting. Perry...1960's Rebel Without a Clue. What a brave man!!! St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Perry!!! Really??? Perry of the Purple Prose...the Sound and the Fury Signifying Absolutely Nothing. Perry, a Legend in His Own Mind. It's really sad to see someone who knows he's no longer relevant bloviate about everything and anything to keep himself in the spotlight. Get a job or volunteer somewhere, Perry. Your day in the sun passed a long time ago. Get used to it.

  5. Sorry, but no "hippy hair" that, GA. Since his "upgrade" from the dreadful mullet he sported for years, PB's current coif is more a later shag than any male-do from the Summer of Love.

    In any event, everything about him is outdated.

  6. You're right, MBB. I was pushing that one. But until you've petted that fluffy silver possum dozing atop his noggin you haven't known bliss. So soft... like butter.

    Well, I loved his St. Valentines Day Massacre analogy- a gangsters' assassination. Ha!

  7. Just a little over one generation ago, Hoboken High was graduating kids that could not read or write - in any language. Local politicians and school board members mostly sent their own kids to Catholic schools.

    Education was never the point in those days. Controlling the school board and its budget were, as they represented a source of patronage jobs, no-bid contracts and a source of ready cash.

    By moving the vote to November and increasing voter particiation, the old guard loses its death-grip on our schools and another source to feed the cancer that they represent in our tiny city dries up.

    It's darkly comic that those who buy votes, coerce voters and lie to their constiuents to gain votes should espouse the highest forms of the democratic process and cry "foul", even though our school board is acting within the procedures of state law, something the old guard loves to flout.

    Note to Perry and the other propped up speakers, mouthpieces of the old guard: If the camera adds 10lbs to your body, it shaves 100 points off your IQ every time you open your mouths.

    1. Your usual aptness, Oracle.

      But if the camera lobs 100 points off the IQ, what does that mean when the score is not even 3 digits to start with?

  8. sure to be a teacher at one time you had to work the elections.......i hope that doesn't happen any more....

  9. i have lost faith in the justice system when it comes to elections....if nothing has been done with these last couple of election in these last yrs.... and also growing up with this...... nothing will be done.... and I don't know why.....tenticals must run deep......


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