LIVE from the BoE

It sounds like the Old Guard is going down ugly.

Nick Calicchio started screaming at the podium when he was cut off from speaking at 2 minutes... a friend of Carmelo Garcia started a fight with a woman in attendance... Mason videographer, Tim, filming away... an eyewitness told GA that he was blocking Roman Brice from taking photos ... Mason and Castellano are there.. so are Paetzhold, Raia, Inez Keim, Nick Calicchio, Mama Russo... was just told that Mason is up at the podium speaking now... GA wonders if her pet RAT wrote her speech, with her videographer  filming away for her mayoral- Hindenberg The Sequel.  More:  both Calicchio goons are "jeering and booing people".. there are 2 cops there, thank goodness... Castellano is speaking and Mike Russo just arrived.  Heard that Phil Cohen spoke after Mike Russo's grandstanding and was "very eloquent and rational arguing in support of a November election."

 Phil also spoke about the bullying, thug tactics of the Old Guard- on full display this evening.... Thank you, Phil.

Was told "the Old Guard is putting on a big show but at the end of the day we're in charge."  Yup.

(10:52 pm) New text: "the opposition is pulling almost everything on agenda. Markle said to vote on what is left now, which is the November election. Then, going into closed session on union and other agreements"... GA hears there's "dueling bullshit" between Carmelo Garcia and Maureen Sullivan...

(11:19 pm) New text: "Russo just yelled at Roman (Brice)... Roman yelled back."  Hey Mike, don't mess with Da Horsey.

(11:30 pm) New text: "Roman is taking photos and aggravating the Old Guard."  (GA Note: Bwaaa- HAW HAW!!!)

(11:45 pm)  New text: "Big one now!!! It's coming!!!... Maureen is now blathering with a written speech."

(12:08 am)  They're voting... the Old Guard is grumbling...  Leon- YES,  Ruthy- YES, Theresa- YES, Irene-YES, Rose- YES...

We WIN.   

BoE elections will move to November. 

So what happened next... to the Old Guard and the Mason film production crew who'd waited all night in the room?

(12:15 am):  They slinked out with Roman taking pictures of them. He's probably bothering them in the street.  Mike Russo was dressed like crap.  (redacted) is here in sweatpants and a cropped top exposing her stomach.

And with that, I bid you-all good night.

left panel photo credit: Claire Moses


  1. Great day for the "one man - one vote" principle.
    Great treatment of this event, Avenger.
    Your best line:
    "mayoral-Hindenberg, The Sequel"
    - for the blue ribbon.


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