Are you ready for the next idiotic stunt hatched by the Mason brain(less)-trust?

These dithering dimwits are trying to pull a Lepre-SCAM on Hoboken residents: they want us to believe a mass invasion of  hard-partying college kids from all corners of the States are flocking to Hoboken for Lepre-Con on March 3.


I suppose it's to turn the mayor's popular decision to move the parade into a negative.  Remember, Hoboken got stuck with this bastardization of Irish culture called 'Lepre-Con' (Let's all wear green and get plastered!) because the parade was moved.  

Here one of the dimwits posts this as 'Sara Sullivan' on Patch:

GA replied that that Ohio State hadn't heard of the trip.  A bluff. I didn't call them- yet.

 'Sara'' then responds:

Fascinating new details: not only does 'Sara' claim "maybe" 8 full buses are coming to Lepre-Con from Ohio State but she "knows about 300 people" coming from Boston College!

Well, that really set off my horse shit detector.

So I called Ohio State's Student Services Office. And chatted with a sweet woman who put me on hold as she confirmed what I called to find out.  And here it is.

Do you know what this tells me?

That the 'enthusiastic response' to Lepre-Con has been wildly inflated  to foment unhappiness with the Mayor's popular parade move.   So fake-Sara was born, and I'm guessing we'll be seeing even more fictional characters pop up on the pages of Hoboken411.

Well, maybe YOU will.  I don't hang out in ghost towns.

The last word goes to BobR.

Thanks, BobR.

(Update, 3:55 pm)
Fake-Sara is back, alleging that she works at the Ohio State Student Services Center, and I never called there. 

OK, Fake-Sara.  Well I did call, and in fact not only didn't they know you but the woman on the line said, 'She doesn't work here."  'Nuff said.

For the record.  After that,  no more feeding the troll.