Legal Storm Brewing for Perry Klaussen?

That's according to a published report by Da Horsey this afternoon. Da Horsey said this:
   It looks like MSV is not the only venue that suffered copyright issues with Das Klaussen.
Is it true?

If so, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.  The list of The Libeled grows with each passing day, from hospitals accused of "killling patients" to good Samaritans called "attention whores" to Mike Lenz being "charged with racism" to  GA depicted as a Nazi-lover and gun-totin' mama (although he did give me a hot body...)

Stay tuned, folks.  GA's gonna enjoy this one like a  big, juicy steak!


  1. Perez Klaussen in trouble? If only dreams came true.

  2. i hate to take pleasure in the misfortune of others. most of the time, anyway.


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