Hooray! No Snookvasion!

THANK YOU Mayor Zimmer!  And the Hoboken film Commission!  GA could kiss you!  (on the cheek)

Friends, I dare you to keep a straight face when you listen to the Snooki Quotes song.  You'll understand why  the mayor said 'NO' to this loud, vapid, trashy pop culture icon, her circus of cameras and 20-something fans that would turn Hoboken into another  St. Paddy's Parade DAY 365 days a year.

Don't buy the economic argument.  

Do you think the 20-something partying consumers of that brainless fluff are coming here to shop and eat in our fine restaurants?  I'm guessing the bars would see an uptick in business, while the city would see an INCREASE in drunken bad behavior.  In the end the TAXPAYER would get stuck picking up the bill for the police overtime, street cleaning, etc.  Like the invasion of 20-somethings on parade day hasn't caused residents enough grief?

After all, what is The Jersey Shore TV show really about?

It is the elevation of bad taste, the culture-of-dumb AND  Hollywood marketing New Jersey to a national audience as the petri dish which produces this culture.  You get it?

Unlike The Cake Boss, a show about a gifted Italian-American baker and his family- which could really be filmed anywhere,  Snooki's show can not go anywhere else.  Because Snooki & friends ARE  the New Jersey culture that Hollywood MTV executives are mass-marketing.

Get it, people?  Those high-brow TV execs and producers are making fun of us.

Why Hoboken? Say what you will, but Hoboken is home to an urbane demographic. We host a reputable engineering college.  Why do we want to be branded as 'Snooki's Petri Dish'?

Have a listen.

And  here are some quotes from Snooki herself:
"I got a boner"

"I call my vibrator The Elmo like, tickle me Elmo."

"Why did I wake up in a garbage can? My face is fucked-up again."

"Oh my God! Someone needs to kiss my ass, ASAP!"

"I haven't had sex in like 4 months now, I need to be smushing."

"But really I had my friggin period story of my life."

"Fuck my fuckin' asshole, right now"

"I think my crotch is sticking out."

"I thought I broke my vagina bone."

"Stop caring and fuck me!"

"This is the things I'm addicted to: bronzer, boys and alcohol."

It's hilarious to see the self-righteous indignation the usual gang of political operatives are stirring over at Patch, trying to turn Zimmer's wisdom; saving our city from becoming a New Trash Babylon- into something BAD.

To those operatives, I'll let Snooki do the talking:

"I call my vibrator The Elmo like, tickle me Elmo."

'Nuff said?


  1. I like Snooki. When she heard about Obama's healthcare plan taxing tanning salon users 10%, she correctly said the "John McCain wouldn't raise my taxes"! How right she was!


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