It looks like one of our message board favorites, prosbus a.k.a. Hoboken Questioner and many others, will be spending less time trashing our public school system,  mayor, her Directors, the City Council majority online.

How does GA know?

Because a reader sent me this terrific news- he's an official on-air news media personality!  With an online bio and pic!


I guess that means his political operative days are over, right?   

Because a news reporter for a CBS radio station or his wife acting as proxy, shouldn't be engaging in partisan politics, right?  

If a news reporter were also writing for a partisan web site or attending partisan political strategy sessions or disseminating partisan political propaganda  or posting partisan political propaganda under pseudonyms (prosbus, Hoboken Questioner, etc.) online, that could be problematic for his cooperate employer, CBS, right?   Because they don't pay him for friendship.

So, this is terrific news, and posted online are his bio and pic  for all to see!

For your convenience, GA took a screen cap:



  1. Is that his bar-mitzvah photo? He's removed more hair between his eyes than Kim Kardashian has on her entire..em..body!

    CBS and 1010 are probably unaware of the fact that he's so reviled locally and in addition to being bitten by the radio bug, the political bug - of the corrupt and bi-partisan sort - bit him too. But his political frequency ain't so clear or he'd know what people think of him.

    He better hope his dulcet tones lull his new employer into a corporate coma and they can't here the knocks on the door when the feds come a-callin'.

    1. "...the knocks on the door when the feds come a-callin'."

      Anchor's Aweigh...


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