H411 Attacks Fundraiser for Fire Victims

The vile, soulless  Hoboken 411 has  hit a new low- attacking the organizers of the March 2nd fundraiser for last night's fire victims as "opportunistic attention-seekers", "attention whores", "business scorpions" and "political opportunists"...  and the fundraiser itself as a "scam".

Ordinarily GA wouldn't give that unhinged miscreant the time of day.  And neither should you.

But it's not an ordinary day.

And the homeless occupants of those  9 destroyed Hoboken condo units won't see an ordinary day for a long time.

That's why they need help.  And whatever can be raised at Room 84 on March 2nd certainly won't restore their ordinary days, but it will do some good.

Simply because of Klaussen's personal animus toward Midtown Authentic business owner, Rory Chadwick, and  Joe Branco, the owner of Room 84 he's savaged their proposed March 2nd fundraiser. (Note the previous Chadwick-Branco benefit raised over $5,300 for victims of the Dec. 17 Jackson  Street fire).

So, why bother discussing this garbage at all?

Because the idiot tells readers NOT to donate to the fundraiser but instead, tells readers to give directly to the 300 Washington Condo Association.

Problem with that?

That is illegal.

A Condo Association CANNOT accept and disburse monies.  It is a not-for-profit entity, not a clearing house for charitable donations.  It can only make specific disbursements under specified conditions determined by the Internal Revenue Code.

Further, the idiot posts the NAMES and ADDRESSES of all the fire victims WITHOUT PERMISSION, making them targets for criminals who prey on the most vulnerable.


As if these poor people don't have enough problems, Klaussen's published a road map for heartless con artists to find them and exploit them in their time of weakness. 

And suggesting to mail donations to burned-out apartments?  Beyond brain-dead.

Does he also suggest UPS deliveries to cemetery plots?

To recap:  Klaussen works to discredit a legitimate fundraiser while proposing (2) alternative ways to donate: one ILLEGAL the other an INSTANT-FAIL.

So if you know anyone that reads that heap of dung, please apprise them of the truth.

Thank you.


  1. I should know better than to be surprised but my jaw is on the floor. Klaussen's attempt to derail the proven organizing efforts of Rory Chadwick, Joe Branco, Jake Stuiver and others who successfully raised funds to assist the Jackson Street fire victims is despicable.

    I donated this afternoon using PayPal via Jake Stuiver (jstuiver@gmail.com) which is exactly what I did for the Jackson Street fire victims too. Just remember to put "fire donation" in the subject heading.

  2. Perry the pornagropher knows all about whores, he works for one who was probably out of town tormenting the good citizens of the Catskills for the long weekend and so could not insinuate herself into this situation as much as she would want to even though the spotlight in this case was coming from flames consuming the homes of our friends and neighbors.

    But we Hobokenites are so much better than these evil doers and we will do what we can for members of our community.

  3. Thank you, GA, Ms. Wall, & the ever-brilliant Oracle! MBB is at a loss for words to describe how despicable she finds this 411 abomination. Pathologically callous doesn't even begin to capture it.

    No matter what $$ is raised, the generosity of spirit in this powerful gesture of collective caring & good will surely be healing for all the victims of this horrid tragedy.

    Creating opportunities for genuine connection & mutual aid in the face of adversity is what authentic "community-building" is all about!

  4. Agreed a new low for Mason411. Congrats to Joe, Jake and Rory for their efforts to help these people.


    An evil woman in bizarre clothing has taken over this home, where a full household staff, at least two children and a pet are said to be held hostage, and she has designs on expanding her toxicity to all of our fair city - perhaps even up to the state level!

    With processed hair, troweled-on makeup and shoulder pads to rival Eli Manning's, she can be seen skulking around city hall, the Hoboken Synagogue and the Catskill Mountains. The she-bitch of Hudson Street cannot be trusted and is known to change religions at the drop of a vote by mail ballot!

    YOU CAN HELP STOP THIS EVIL MENACE! Contribute to the recall effort and support and vote for any opposing candidate that runs against her in any election at any level, including spatulas and pocket lint!

    1. Oh... my... Oracle, you're killing me...

  6. You mean I'm not you and you're not me? Wait, does that mean that the Unibrownoser is wrong?


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