The Gang That Can't Shoot Straight

To conclude the sorry 'Sara Sullivan' episode, here 'Sara' forgets she's a college student from Ohio bringing 300 friends to Lepre-Con and bashes "The Zimmer Fab 5" for ruining "our" city.

See that?  One of Mason's Golems forgot to take off his dress before posting.

Embarrassingly inept.

The dimness of these operatives explains their slide to irrelevance.   



  1. total amateur hour, curiousgal/lane/whoever forgot to log out of patch as "sara" when he/she posted on the food truck article, LOL!! what asshats! and ricky mason is paying for this nonsense? what a major schmuck.

  2. Those 2 are really not that smart. Always getting caught in their web of lies. Guess they never figured out that being honest was easier b/c you don't have to keep your lies straight.

  3. MBB is again struck by the amount of vigilance required to monitor the various blogs for this sort of inanity. Time one doesn't get back, wasted on the ditherings of these sad excuses for human beings. Bottom-feeders who get paid for producing snark, while GA volunteers her stellar skills for the betterment (with levity) of Hoboken.

    Perhaps GA might have much preferred to be baking a batch of her nice banana bread, instead of calling OSU, etc., documenting that Sara cyber-slips on a banana peel.

    Here's hoping the curtain comes down on this vaudeville show very soon.

  4. So now the unibrownoser, Inane Blowhardy and / or his wife, is pretending to be an Irish-American mid-western college co-ed? Wow! He's created an alternate reality where he can be a tall, slender Celtic girl? Little man with big fantasies.

    As the underwriter of these activities where Richard G. Mason and his unending corrosive compensation from Wachtel Lipton Rosen and Katz is concerned, Dorothy Parker sums it up best: "If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to".

  5. Love that Dorothy Parker quote, Oracle!


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