GA Exclusive: The Petition (Leaked)

Did you read yesterday's post?  A source named Ear Wax told GA about that petition circulating to have the School Board election schedule decided by ballot referendum:

They had to go retreat and not screw up again the way they blew the last grass roots campaign by hiring young kids to walk around an lie about the purpose of the petition. No young kids this time.  No walking around the streets.

No general public.

They're going to the HHA, Church Towers, Marineview, the senior buildings, Applied.  That's all they need.  They don't want people like you

Well, guess what?

GA's been given an actual copy of the petition that's being circulated in the above-mentioned buildings.  And here it is, an exclusive you won't see anywhere else:

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  1. Every few minutes Kim Cardinal pokes her head of the bunker and runs up the flag for her doomed campaign of lies an misdirection. She immediately gets buried in an artillery barrage of easily verified facts and figures.

    Only by standing up and saying "my side is lying" could she be having a worse net impact.

    Is there any chance she comprehends that? Or that the people who are paying for this nonsense "get it"?

  2. No, HL. They don't.

    We're lucky that way.

  3. The cost to try to bring in this spring "harvest" is 2186 x $40.00 = $8,7440.00

    Bumper crops in the fall can't be brought in for that amount or any dollar figure.

    Not that they'd ever know but like class, honesty, integrity, morals and ethics can't be bought.

    1. But Oracle, they are indeed "classy" (& say it, please, with a flat "A"): with their "A,B,C's," as in "Felony Class."


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