GA Catches the RAT!

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Well folks, it's been CONFIRMED. GA was right.

About the RAT.

If you don't know what I'm talking about start here. 

In a nutshell, the 'inner circle' on the opposition side has been meeting on Saturdays for political strategy sessions.  Somehow, one of their discussions turned up in Al Sullivan's column one week, which upset one of the meeting attendees very much- Perry Belefiore.  So Perry sent an email to all the regulars to stop leaking to Sullivan. Further, the email threatened if it didn't stop he would no longer attend meetings with that person.  So what do you think happened next?

The Belefiore email was leaked to Sullivan, and appeared in last week's column!  Verbatim. Click the graphic below to read it.

Are you wondering why GA put a rat on that graphic?

Because the person who gave-up their associate- someone on their OWN team, and who revealed their private communications is a RAT.

Because not only did that RAT betray Belefiore, but handed Reform some tasty goodies.

For example, now we know the Old Guard hates the term 'Old Guard'.  And we know there's dissension in their ranks.  And we know they're after a slice of the 'newcomer' demographic.  All because the RAT betrayed the privacy of internal political strategy sessions.

But GA is grateful for the RAT.  Because the RAT gave me lots to write about! Thanks, RAT.

Okay, so before I reveal IDENTITY of the RAT (don't peek at the top graphic- it's a spoiler) let me tell you who it ISN'T.

This is WHO the RAT isn't:
It isn't Michelle Russo

It isn't Ruben J. Ramos, Jr.

It isn't James Cryan

It isn't Terry Castellano

It isn't Timothy Occhipinti

It isn't Mike Russo

It isn't Frank Raia
Nope, not a single RAT amongst them. (Although I did depict one today as a ground hog, which is a kind of rodent. Does that count?)

No, the TRAITOR is not on that list- that person who had the balls to send a comrade's personal email communication (with the names of others at the meeting) to a reporter!  Imagine that.

What a RAT.

Anyway, perhaps I needn't mention him by name.  Perhaps we just call him "RAT" from now on?

But if you'd like to ask the rat WHY he gave up a member of his team and humiliated him publicly, and gave up inside strategy to the Reform side, please click here to contact The RAT. 

Yep, Beth Mason's right-hand (RAT) man.  Is she really worth the trouble?

Perhaps GA can recommend a logo for you Old Guard folks?

Like it?


  1. You sure he is a rat? I always thought he was a skunk.

    1. Did Cagney say, "You dirty yellow-bellied skunk?"

      I thought he said "rat". Hmmmm.


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