Fun Fact

Thanks to reader Joe Branco for this Fun Fact.  Joe and I will give you 60 seconds to figure out the answer... the photo above is your clue.  Ready?
Q:  Guess what the NFL player decapitated in Beth Mason's lying Superbowl ad has in common with the plaintiff that sued Mason's advertising firm, Friedman Benjamin for a lying ad, winning a $1 million award in Federal Court?

A: The player decapitated by Mason is Aaron Hernandez, No. 81 with the New England Patriots.  The Patriots play in Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. AND... the firm that won a $1 million judgement against Mason's firm for lying about their product was... Gillette!
Wasn't that fun? Thanks, Joe.


  1. Grafix,
    Two things:

    Beth Mason reminds me of an old Kids in the Hall sketch "Never put salt in your eyes". Whatever information she gets is put through some bizarre filter and comes out wrong the other end. The clip is 3 minutes but I think it makes my point:

    Also, is there any way to private message you? I'm stumped.


  2. Hiya, snuh- thanks for the clip!

    Here's my email:


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