The FREE ELMO Liberation Front

On behalf of it's founders (and only members)  Curious Gal (does not deny she is Kim Cardinal) and OutofControl, GA is thrilled to introduce Hoboken's very own new  revolutionary movement called the  FREE ELMO Liberation Front.

Yes, anti-Zimmer forces have taken up arms to FIGHT THE (wo)MAN who would dare STOP Snooki and her pal Elmo from coming to Hoboken!  Who is Elmo, you ask?
"I call my vibrator The Elmo like, tickle me Elmo."

The FREE ELMO Liberation Front demands that Snooki and Elmo take their rightful place in our city, where they will single-handedly save our local economy from the thousands of tourists lined up daily outside of Carlos' Bakery.  

The FREE ELMO Liberation Front says Hoboken NEEDS an invasion of 20-something MTV-lovin' suburbanites to fill our bars, punch our cops and projectile vomit on our clean streets.  And if we're very, very lucky, the FELF hopes they'll urinate there, too.

Revolutionary leaders Curious Gal and OutofControl want you to take to the streets, with YOUR um...  special appliance that you have a loving and caring relationship with and MARCH for FREEDOM... for Snooki and ELMO's freedom: to live, work and um.... do what they do here in Hoboken.

Because Freedom fighters Curious Kim and OutofControl live by Snooki's own words:

"Why did I wake up in a garbage can?"

...or was it:

"I thought I broke my vagina bone."

Whatever it is, these 2 ELMO Freedom Fighters ladies have summoned their outrage in verse: