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Oh no, The Dumb-inatrix strikes again!   (Folks, this is getting embarrassing...)  

Sources have told GA that 4th Ward Councilman Timmy Occhipinti was livid at being outsmarted by Carol Marsh and Peter Cuningham at the City Council last Wednesday night.

Timmy and his co-sponsor,  Terry Castellano, were seen grinning like Cheshire cats minutes before the meeting, knowing they were about to spring their 'emergency resolution' to 'let the people decide' (on School Board elections) on the unsuspecting Council majority members in attendance.

(By the way, this School Board 'emergency' is regarding an election that's 4 months away!)

So like an awkward teenage boy on his first date, Timmy couldn't wait until the moment was right to whip out his package; he did it before the meeting.  That's right: premature distribution.  Tim shot his load too soon and scared off his date... uh, I mean City Council members.  Which in turn denied the quorum for his 'surprise'.

Now, had Tim just held onto his package a little longer,  it would have been voted on and passed.  

Onto GA's Earwitness News Report.

Sources have told GA that late Friday afternoon, Timmy resubmitted his 'emergency resolution' to be placed on the Mayor's Special Meeting agenda.   So, what's the problem?

He submitted it to the City Council President and not the Mayor.

That's like a member of the U.S. House of Representatives telling the Speaker of the House to put a Bill on the President's agenda!

Makes no frigging sense.


Timmy doesn't understand the difference between the powers of the City Council, our Legislative body,  and those of mayor, our Executive.  Doesn't  know the limitations to his own office.  Doesn't understand protocol and worse- doesn't consult with the City's experts for advisement.  (He bitches about paying them, but doesn't use their expertise)

So... GA imagines that the City Council President can't mess with the Mayor's Special Meeting agenda.

Much like John Boehner can't put items on President Obama's. It's called separation of powers, you DUNCE.

Moreover, once the meeting has been noticed and advertised  by the City Clerk, it is a VIOLATION of The Open Public Meetings Act to change the agenda.

Doesn't Timmy know that?  YIKES.

Our City Council Dumb-inatrix Strikes again.


  1. He also doesn't understand the difference between an ordinance and a resolution!!

  2. I doubt we could find much that he does understand.

  3. he actually doesn't need to know anything because he's just a pawn, an order taker.


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