Dangerous Dumb-inatrix

I'm writing this because a friend of mine thinks making fun of Timmy Occhipinti's intellectual prowess is a mistake (did I mention he's dumber than a bag of rocks?)

I disagree, but in  deference to her feelings wish to make a point.

First, the problem she has with GA's unrelenting observations (did I tell you he couldn't out-think a lettuce?)  is that she feels it makes us complacent. 

And that in thinking he's a dumbo (he is) we just kick back and wait for Timmy to self-destruct, assuming he will (because he's the mental equivalent of a garden salad).  And that kind of complacency is dangerous.

Agreed, my wise and humorless friend.

So, if  GA has encouraged complacency, that was NOT my intent.  The opposite.

Because where POWER is involved, the words DUMB and DANGEROUS go together.

Think George W. Bush.  The most dangerous idiot of the 20th century.

Now, Repubs, calm down.  I know the guy wasn't completely stupid.  But presidential material?  Hell, no. Let's not even go there.  

Let's just say the Fortunate Son didn't know what a Sunni and a Shi'ite were 3 months prior to cracking open the Middle East's 1,200 year old simmering tribal cauldron with a pre-emptive  shocking and awe-ful attack on Iraq based on a ginned-up WMD threat, diverting our military from the REAL terrorist threat, Bin Laden (captured and killed under Obama)...  because the nitwit bought Cheney's neo-conservative  think tank LOONS' wack-a-doodle Project for a New American Century (PNAC) theory of exporting Democracy to the Middle east by American gunpoint.

Of course, some will disagree. To them I say: get your own blog.  

This is mine, and I'm making a point:  an idiot with power is a dangerous thing.

Thank goodness, Timmy is not the Commander in Chief of America's armed forces.  By now, he'd have unleashed a pre-emptive strike on that graffiti-ed 4th Ward of Jersey City gateway to the country of Hoboken. After posting his plan for the sneak attack on Facebook.

See what I mean?  

If you think you can sit back and laugh at Timmy's expense, then you are underestimating the Power of Stupid.

Timmy was the creation of the late, talented Maurice Fitzgibbons. There is no one like Maurice to guide him now.  Without his mentor, Timmy is rudderless; fighting graffiti wars in Jersey City and giving reform Council members a heads-up on 'surprise resolutions'... which makes Timmy less predictable, more easily controlled by the thugs trying to fill Fitzgibbons' shoes, and a danger.

So, until Reform's got a comfortable majority, which we DON'T... remember NOT to be complacent. 

GA's performing a public service by relentless reminders of his limitations (did I tell you a squash beat him at Scrabble?) because those are the scariest politicians of all.

The Legend of Stupid


  1. George Bush graduated from Ivy League stalwart Yale and was the first US president to attain a MBA, from Harvard no less. How about Mr. Gaffe, Joe Biden? You know the one who gave his usual $360 donation to charity, despite making a a 1% salary. For the record Obama gave a whopping 1% , while Mitt Romney gave 15%.

  2. Ha ha ha ha... I KNEW you'd come on board to defend the Shrub. C average, BTW. Got in because Prentiss Bush donated enough $$$ to get his own wing. Then the spoiled rich kid went AWOL from the Texas Air Nat'l Guard- a CHICKENHAWK armchair general, it turns out.


    In August Bush missed his annual flight physical and was grounded. (Some have speculated that he was worried about failing a drug test — the Pentagon had instituted random screening in April.) In September he was ordered to report to a different unit of the Alabama guard, the 187th Tactical Reconnaissance Group in Montgomery. Bush says he did so, but his nominal superiors say they never saw the guy, there's no documentation he ever showed up, and not one of the six or seven hundred soldiers then in the unit has stepped forward to corroborate Bush's story.

    After the November election Bush returned to Texas, but apparently didn't notify his old Texas guard unit for quite a while, if ever.

  3. The Obamas made $245,075 in charitable contributions in 2010, or 14.2% of their adjusted gross income.

    That is very comparable to what the Romneys contributed as a percentage (16%). Considering the Romneys had income about 10 times as much as the Obamas, I don't think the Obamas can be faulted.

    The Bidens indeed contributed only about 1.5% of their adjusted gross income, or less than $6000, to charity, which is puzzling.

    I knew plenty of very undistinguished intelligence at Harvard. Some of them were rich, some were not. There were also some incredibly brilliant people from rich and poor backgrounds.

    GA's screed here, however, brings to mind my summer as an intern for the Boston City Council. My first day there, I attended a council meeting and was struck by the utter idiocy of a particular council member. It wasn't that I disagreed with his politics. He was just demonstrably unintelligent. You see where this is leading. He was Ray Flynn, Boston's next mayor. His principal opponent was Robert Kiley, the former director of the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA), who after losing came to NYC and brought the MTA back from the dead, and from there went on to run the London Transit Authority. Brilliant man.

    Flynn was re-elected twice and resigned during his third term when appointed Ambassador to the Vatican by Bill Clinton - payback for Flynn's work campaigning to get pro-life, Catholic Democrats to support him in the 1992 election. But despite it all, dumb as a door nail.

    The lesson is don't count out the dumb, especially in politics.

    1. Spot-on! Thank you, Hoboken Diary!

      Intelligence seems a curiously rare phenomenon in many spheres, but especially so in politics.

      And while it's entertainment, rather than politics (though the 2 arenas often seem blurred).... MBB is reminded of the recent kerfuffle at NYU. A professor was reportedly sacked for failing James Franco at Tisch. Apparently, Franco barely attended classes, did not complete assignments, etc. But oh, the "imprimatur" of having a celebrity student! MBB has an old friend who was Brooke Shields' professor at Princeton. Dumb as a doorknob apparently (though made an effort, unlike Franco apparently), but all were instructed to pass, no matter what the sub-standard quality of her academic work. All about appearances and connections. And/or money, as in the Bush case. Very common, especially at tonier schools & especially within the Ivy League.

  4. Thanks Hoboken Diary, great post.

    That's the point. Shrub, Flynn. Though I'm not familiar with Flynn, I'll assume he has some political skills. Shrub certainly does.

    Yes, it's the affable, cunning idiots we have to watch out for.

  5. SS1959
    Your feeble attempts to justify the antics of the Shrub are pathetic. Just as pathetic as your lack of principles. Until you return the money that you extorted from your landlord's estate, just STFU about anyone else's politics or ethics. Your boorish preening is vomit inducing.


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