The Criminal Complaint against Klaussen

Whew, what a relief!

Da Horsey's got the story up...  I've been  waiting, waiting, waiting for this to break out of the barn: the criminal complaint against Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411- that's Beth Mason's "news source."  

GA's known of the incident for awhile.

I didn't know Rory had filed an actual complaint until the other day when he shared it with me privately.

I didn't have to ask what prompted him.

The complaint charges "criminal coercion".

Mind you, the information about Klaussen's victim is a matter of public record.  And GA is not a lawyer.

Here is the legal definition of criminal coercion:

2C:13-5. Criminal coercion

a. Offense defined. A person is guilty of criminal coercion if, with purpose unlawfully to restrict another's freedom of action to engage or refrain from engaging in conduct, he threatens to: …….. (3) Expose any secret which would tend to subject any person to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or to impair his credit or business repute;
 Now, the key is 'secret'.

Again, the information Klaussen alleged to have on his victim is not secret.  

But is the manner in which Klaussen threatened his victim if he did not respond to a demand actionable?  And the fact that he carried out his threats on the victim?

Here it is: Klaussen's threat fulfilled:

Not to mention Klaussen's accomplice posting on Patch as 'Boink', soliciting the public to look up the victim on a NY State Prisons link.

Was 'Boink' the investigative writer that Klaussen taunted his victim about- the one he said was writing "a piece" on him with the intent of hurting his business?

I suppose 'Boink' will be deposed because he is clearly part of this coercion conspiracy. Note the 'biographical' grenades he lobs at Klaussen's victim:

The perp and his accomplice have unwittingly provided the 'proofs' needed for the victim to take the to Court.

Will he?  GA hopes so.

And I hope other victims are emboldened by Mr. Chadwick's courage.

Because the acts of good will of a man who's turned his life around,  is a true story of redemption and the power of a loving G-d.  He's survived hardships most of us will never know; been through hell and come out the other side. And the evil of Klaussen and his co-hort, to twist this story of redemption; to try to destroy what his victim built- a business and a place hoboken's community- speaks of their darkness.

And I hope they will be repudiated in civil court for their disgusting actions.

GA Note: Da Horsey has  the story of the legal dispute that the victim was asked to squelch.


  1. I know Rory and trust him completely. What ever he has done or not done I know that he cares about Hoboken and wants to give back to the community. As far as Boink being a Republican, we need the troops, but I urge him to support the corrupt Hudson County Democratic machine. He seems to fit in much better there.


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