B&G Club Snack Upgrade?

The hot meals aren't back yet, but if what GA heard is correct, then the recent attention thrown on The Boys and Girls Club  has done some good for the kids, nutritionally-speaking.

GA's heard from a source that fruit and string cheese have replaced the Rice Krispy Treat and Kool Aid diet over there; ccording to one administrator, the kids "love the string cheese".

Who doesn't love string cheese?

Now, I hope that's true.

Let's compare the them- nutritionally speaking: a piece of string cheese (Sargento part-skim mozzarella) vs. a Rice Krispy Treat.

left panel: string cheese, right panel: Rice Krispy Treat
In a nutshell, 1 piece of string cheese is about half the calories as the Krispy Treat with about 6 times the amount of protein, and 20% of the RDA of calcium.

And apples are a good source of fiber, potassium, vitamins C & A and other good stuff (a scientific term).

So, I'd like to find out from a parent if what the administrators are saying is true.   GA hopes so.

I't's not a meal, but it is an improvement.