Willow Terrace TV Star

Ladies and gentlemen, have you met the fabulous Julie Steinberg?

To know her is to love her.

She's a Hoboken mom, chef extraordinaire, biz professional (financial services), and all around do-er of good things for our community- such as Co-Chair of the Hoboken Early Childhood Advisory Council, Founder of HAPP's, the Hoboken Association for Pre-School Parents  and she runs a support group for parents of kids with special needs.

Julie's got 2 kids in Hoboken Public School: one in 1st grade at Calabro and one in preschool at Brandt (HOPES, Pre-K3).
Well, I'm delighted to have Julie as my friend and neighbor... not  only because she's nice, but she knows how to make this:

Don't you just want to start licking your monitor?  I do! 

In fact, I just did. 


How come it doesn't taste like the picture?  Oh, well.  If YOU want to taste Julie's Lemon Tart,  then  visit her blog Chez Noonie for the recipe.

Thanks, Julie... I just love Lemon Tart AND your heavenly brownies with that SECRET ingredient...  I'll never tell- I  swear!  (It's expresso)

Between Julie Steinberg, and the fabulous culinary talents of  BoE Prez Rose Marie Markle (the woman makes her own frigging mozzarella cheese... to die for.  And her cream puffs... ooooooh.... and those little almond-things... wow).  And of course, not to forget Ruthy McAllister and her mouth-watering apple crisp...

...What was I talking about?

Oh, yes!  Julie Steinberg, my friend and neighbor, is now a TV Star!

Last week Julie was on Cablevision's Neighborhood Journal with host Jeff Henig, to talk about HAPPs, the Hoboken Association for Preschool Parents.

Have a listen and learn about this wonderful resource for families planning to send a little one to a Hoboken preschool:

Thanks, Julie.   For all you do for Hoboken families and for your gluten-free banana bread.



  1. You can add brownies to the list of Julie's culinary accomplishments. I'm a good cook so it takes a lot to wow me - her brownies wowed me! She also shared the recipe which many cooks wouldn't do. I don't know how she find the time to do so much but Hoboken is the better for it. Kudos Julie!


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