Uh-Oh, Somebody Tell Farmer Frank...

...it looks like the State plans to make it official: School Board elections will be moved to the November general election.  That is, with school board or city council approval.  Or, voter petition.
The bill to move school elections to November and eliminate most school budget votes passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee, 11-1, with bipartisan support and the backing of leading education groups.

Under the legislation, school board elections may be moved to the November general election if the switch is approved by a school board or municipal governing body or through a petition by voters
A reader told GA told this:
it will be voted on Dec. 15th.
That soon?  So, what does this mean for Hoboken's BoE election scheduled for this April?

Expect a lot of screaming from the 4th Ward vote-farmers and their allies.

Moving the BoE race would be a win-win for Hoboken: in cost savings and a massive voter turn-out.

This one is out of the hands of the whiners and vote-buyers. They can blame the bipartisan state government.  

GA wonders how Assemblyman Ruben Ramos will vote?


  1. Ramos is a locked-and-loaded "no". $59million is a lot of money to leave in the hands of the voters. He'll have to find a better way to say that, but someone will write something for him.

  2. We will need 15% of registered voters to approve the move. Approximately 5,000. This would be great for KF. The petition drive should also spike interest. Bill also calls for no vote on BOE budget, unless it exceeds 2% cap. The 11-1 vote shows that this a bipartisan move, just like the move to November for local races was.

  3. ss1959, according to the article it could also be done by the BoE or the City Council.

    I'd say it stands a good chance of passing in Hoboken. Don't you think?


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