Terrorizing Our Moms

Mason operative Lane Bajardi attacked Project Play moms on Hoboken411 under screen names 'youme66' and 'John14'

On Wednesday, Mason tabloid Hoboken411 viciously attacked a mother and her group, Project Play, calling her a 'liar' and accusing her stealing 'public money'.

Then, Mason operative Lane Bajardi chimed in (under the moniker 'John14') and accused Project Play of blowing the 50K they'd raised for new playground equipment on a bar tab at the W Hotel!

If you don't know, Project Play is an apolitical group of  moms within the Hoboken Family Alliance (HFA) who raise money for upgrades and improvements to our playgrounds.  How?  Bake sales, events, etc.

The Mason operatives are referring to 50K that was raised to replace old playground equipment in Church Square Park.

GA spoke to sources who told me the City was very grateful for the Project Play money, and it was going to be used in the Church Square renovation. However, the cost of the renovation  will far exceed 50K, and additional monies will taken from the $1.6million bond the City Council recently passed for park improvements. The HFA is holding the money in an account for now until the work commences.

So why is the Mason group attacking a bunch of HFA moms who are fundraising to improve the City's playgrounds for our KIDS? (Including their own- Bajardi has a lovely little boy.)

Nothing like this happens without a reason.  What's the political strategy here?

GA's got it figured out. It's a warning shot.  

In the face.

It means: stay OUT of ANY future political engagement or you will be SAVAGED.  It means DO NOT run for office, DO NOT serve on a municipal board, DO NOT get your picture taken with Mayor Zimmer.   Or we're coming after you.

It's the lesson they learned from Jen Giattino.

GA forgot to blog this, but I'd heard way back from a source ON the Dark Side that they wished they'd gone much, much harder on mom Giattino, didn't think she was any threat.

So it looks like they are trying to squelch any future 'mom' politicos from rising, because they've discovered WE are a powerful voting bloc. It's much easier to run hacks or dimwits (Occhipinti) and BUY votes.

But...the Dark Side can't buy enough votes to beat a MOM and they KNOW it.

So THIS is how they're going to 'discourage' the next candidate from this powerful constituency:

GA thinks they have their eye on the next School Board election.  And trying to scare off 'the opposition'.

Message from GA: DON'T LET THEM.

 GA has first-hand experience with such behavior, but since I insert myself in Hoboken's political culture with this blog, one can make sense of 'retaliation' at least in that context.

But what have these 'regular' Moms done? 

NOTHING.  They are parents who love their children.Not political hacks.  They are using their time to HELP our community.

So, aside from discouraging these moms from participating in our democracy, what else is the Mason Hate Squad doing?

They are trying to redefine Hoboken's mommies as political hacks.  Zimmer hacks.

Does anyone think this is a good politics?

No wonder Mason can't win an election without buying votes.

GA doesn't like to see good people get hurt.  Keep your chin up, Mommies!  GA has your back.


photo credit: Mile Square View


  1. anything is game with these creeps..remember them aggravating ms zimmer with her children on the street. I was so mad when I read that.....but I had learned years ago never to go-it or fight it alone....these creeps like go after one....and love targeting family and making Psycho type Rumors. but as a group...not as easy. Tell them to stick together.....

  2. then these creeps and family go to church on sunday.....i wonder do they take a day off? What is it...is it that much money ...tax payer money? I dont get it. My fight was over heat....

  3. Anyone on Mason's shit list is someone who will probably have a great chance to get my vote. She hates people w/ integrity and loves the sleaziest of scum.

  4. This is probably one of the first times Mrs. Richard G. Mason, through Perry the Pornographers blog, has gone after private citizens. Well, guess what? Since these praiseworthy parents are not public figures, libel suits may be filed. Although most sane people are not as litigious as the Harridan of Hudson Street, some of the HFA members may be attorneys. Perhaps one of them would like to own 921 Hudson Street.

  5. These creeps will start to infiltrate the BoE meetings for next month - Tuesday, January 10. Support your Board of Education and keep the creeps at bay.

  6. Oracle, I do encourage those moms libeled to seek legal recourse.

    You're right; these aren't public officials or even public figures. They are private citizens who've been damaged by political hacks.

    And I will tell you, this attack has a lot of folks VERY upset.

  7. Did the discovery confirm that Lane is youme66 and John14?

  8. Just saw that John14 is still one of the few posters at h411.


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