Team Mason-FOX Strikes Hoboken Biz at Christmas

FOX advertiser Beth Mason timed the HPU hit piece for maximum damage to small business- the time a retail business may do 40% of its annual sales. 

The piece featured  visitors complaining how street parking was a discouragement from shopping in Hoboken- even one claimed to cancel  his health club membership for that reason.  Did the FOX reporter SUGGEST plenty of garage parking available nearby? Or that this health Club was 2 blocks from the PATH station?

NO. FOX's Waldman- a Hoboken PROPERTY OWNER left that part out.  Instead, he left the impression that Hoboken was radioactive for anyone considering shopping here.  YES, HE DID.


Because hurting Hoboken in order to hurt Zimmer is Mason's game.

What's in it for Waldman?

Who knows.  GA has no idea why he'd compromise any shred of journalistic integrity he may have to do this story the WAY he did it.  Such as completely ignoring at least one interview subject who gave an alternate opinion supporting the HPU rules and enforcement.  Such as disclosing his home ownership in Hoboken, his relationship to Beth Mason, her relationship to the FOX network (heavy ad buyer) and any BIAS he may have about the  aforementioned.

Who else thinks that the Mason-FOX biased hit did DAMAGE to small business?

Hoboken small business owner Rory Chadwick:

I don't blame Rory.  He owns a consignment shop for high-end ladies handbags, Midtown Authentic  at 728 Washington Street.  

Check it out, ladies!  And the men/women who love them!  

High-end designer goods at great prices.

Rory carries this kind of stuff... ladies, are you drooling?  I am.

Jeez, what a stupid, evil thing to do our small business community.

Folks, has the fact that you HAVE TO use a Kinney Systems garage to visit Newport Mall ever stopped you from going there?  Of course, there's the PATH and Light Rail.

And guess what?  Transportation that takes you OUT of Hoboken, can bring shoppers IN to Hoboken.

WOW. What a concept.  Waldman reported on access to Hoboken retail likes it's in central Idaho.

Do any of you drive to Manhattan to shop?  You're nuts.   That said, where do you find street parking on 34th St and 6th Ave?  You don't.  Manhattan, like Hoboken, has plenty of garage parking for shoppers.

Only Hoboken garages are much cheaper.

Peeps, Hoboken is a great place to visit for the day: shop, stroll on our waterfront and visit our lovely parks, grab a bite at a restaurant, have an alcohol-free soda at a bar... that's the MESSAGE Hoboken's Chamber of Commerce, Mike Novak needs to send to the outside world.

Novak and his group are needed for damage control.  Damage done by the Mason-FOX slam on Hoboken's small business community.

Where is Mike Novak, president of the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce?  Perhaps he has 'bigger' things on his mind, other than protecting the Hoboken Business commnity under assault by the Mason-FOX media attack.

Let's go, Novak.

What a disgrace.  The backlash on this scam is growing.  Stay tuned.  


  1. Waldman also failed to mention Hoboken being named America's top transportation city by Forbes.

    Or being named a Gold Walk City by Walk (Only Seattle took platinum.)

    All the news that wasn't fit to include I guess. Agenda much, Waldman?

    What a slimy deal. But it looks like its going to blow up in Mason, Klaussen, and Fox's faces ...again. I guess Beth didn't tell you guys. Her little scams always blow up in her face and the face of whoever helps her. It's always just a matter of time. Welcome to her world, Fox. You look right at home.

  2. FANTASTIC follow-up, Info.

    And for those who must drive, this city has plenty of garages- and nearby our main street, Washington St.

    A disgrace and an obvious hoax to make the city look bad at a time that businesses rely on most to stay in the black. Perpetrated by the SAME team that tried to kill our hospital.

    Evil people. Mean and destructive.


  3. And of course didn't they mention that Carlo's is down by the PATH and many of the people who go there park on the streets in the area making that part of town the hardest place in town to find street parking.

  4. Many of us Hoboken business owners are joining forces and will hold a silent auction / raffle for those effected for this devastating fire. If anyone is interested in helping put together this fundraiser with us please email me at In the meantime a collection jar is on our counter at Midtown Authentic for donations for those effected by the fire. I am also seeking other business owners who can participate by placing a collections jar/bucket on their counters. Thank you!


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