Smartboards and the I.R.S.

The Out-of-Towners who trash Hoboken schools on a regular basis on Patch- tburns (Theresa of Secaucus) and Passkey (Petrosino of Texas) apparently haven't been in one lately.

Then there's CuriousGal (Bajardi's Bridezilla)- who's NOT curious enough to know why her hubby's never appeared on a  Mason ELEC or if that revenue stream has been reported to the I.R.S.

GA's heard the I.R.S.  has given cash rewards to those who report tax cheats.  Maybe CuriousGal can get us the answer: How to Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity:,,id=106778,00.html)   I hear the I.R.S is curious about unreported income. 

I'm curious why CuriousGal IS curious about children of BoE members while NOT curious enough to set foot in a Hoboken classroom to see how OTHER people's children are doing.  She's certainly NOT curious about the progress being made in our schools since the BoE came under new management (Kids First).

Well, GA's at Wallace school everyday.  I AM curious.(A real curious gal vs. a an incurious political operative living in a glass house)

It's what you call 'skin in the game'.   I was there today for LA's class party.

And I was curious about Smartboards. From the BoE website:

Earlier this summer, the Hoboken Board of Education approved the purchase of Smartboards and the accompanying technology equipment and software to allow for installations throughout the district's Kindergarten through 7th Grade classrooms. The fixed unit Smartboards have been delivered, installed, and will be fully functional for the first day of school.
LA (Little Avenger) had talked about the one in her classroom.  So today I asked her teacher to please show me how the Smartboard works.  Well, the moment she turned it on, her 4th graders rushed over.

LA at the Smartboard in her classroom

What a great learning tool!  LA's teacher excitedly described how the interactive technology is integrated into her lesson plan to draw kids into the learning experience.

Smartboards are one of the great changes in our public schools under new (Kids First) leadership. An expanded Johns Hopkins after school program is another.   

GA is a parent of a Johns Hopkins student, and can tell you the program is running well this year under new leadership.  LA is doing math at 3 grade levels above there, challenging to her mom's satisfaction.

Another great addition is the district-wide Gifted and Talented Program which runs during the school day and is offered for grades K-12 (the first time ever Hoboken's school district has satisfied the state  K-12 mandate).

But you'll NEVER hear anything positive about Hoboken's schools, the changes they're undergoing, from the Out-of-Towners and the Not-Curious.

More kids join at the Smartboard.

A real curious gal might explore what's really going on in our schools instead of trashing selected Board members and their children.

For compensation?  For fun?

A real curious gal might want to know what happens to whose compensation for political campaign work goes unreported to the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission and the I.R.S.  

GA is certainly curios about that. I must be a Curious Gal.