for the capture of GA's lost mitten, dropped in Hoboken yesterday evening.   It was the match to this:

left panel: top view, right panel: bottom view

I know, with all of the heartbreaking tragedy in this world, I'm lamenting the loss of a mitten?

You bet.  It's got brown fur on the inside- so warm and cozy.

Won't you help me find it?  There's something in it for  you.  Do you like chocolate?  Are you allergic to nuts?  We can hash out those details later.

I dropped it around 6:45 PM last night, somewhere along this path.

If you find it, please contact:


  1. as payback for all you've done with this blog, your loyal readers should chip in and buy you a new pair! set up a paypal account, i'll kick in a few bucks!

  2. Aw JAM, awfully sweet... I have another idea.

    How about a donation to the Liberty Humane Society in honor of my deceased mitten:

  3. Great idea, GA! To feed... three little kittens from one lost mitten.

    (Hope you find it though---shearling mittens are very bitter cold yummy.)

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