The Return of FIXed News

GA's earwitness reported the return of FOX to Hoboken last week for a sequel to their November 21st segment, 'Parking Here Sucks', starring smug political operative, Perry Klaussen at home in one of the network's offices.

Alarm bells went off  at the sight of the Mason operative comfortably ensconced in the FOX news studio 'office' pretending it was his own, his virulently anti-administration tabloid introduced to the television audience as a "Hoboken watchdog".  Uh-oh.  Followed by a litany of complaints from ticketed and booted residents. Even reporter Joel Waldman got booted when he left town for a couple of hours then returned.

Yeah?  And the rules should be different for FOX than for everyone else?

Two words for Waldman: Parking Garage.   

Hoboken has more of them than you think.

Questions for the FOX reporter:
  • Does he park his car on the street outside of FOX studios?   
  • Does he use a car to zip around Manhattan, expecting to find street parking at his convenience?  
By NYC standards, the 4-hour non-resident street parking in Hoboken is generous. But I digress...

All Waldman needed to do was spend a few minutes on Google to acquaint himself with the long history of resident grievances in our congested Mile Square to understand he hasn't rediscovered the (booted) wheel.

 A few of the many articles found on the Hoboken Reporter:
Get the idea?

The shortage of street parking has been tackled by every administration in memory.

This administration is dealing with this in a number of ways- through the innovative Corner Cars program,  City-services such as The Hop,  making Hoboken bicycle-friendly and of course, enforcement: ticketing, booting and spanking.  (I made up the 'spanking'.)

How about FOX talking about some of THOSE innovative, green solutions to relieve our parking shortage? (Corner Cars, The Hop and bicycling- not the spanking)

Prior to Zimmer and Roberts- the City was towing.  

For administrations of the future? Cars will be impounded in outer space on orbiting car lots and you'll  beam up to retrieve yours-  a mode of travel fraught with danger.

Folks, 10 pounds of sh*t will NEVER fit in a 5 lb bag.

The administration did not create the bag.  We all have to SHARE one bag.  And if you cheat and stuff in MORE sh*t than your share, Santa will bring you a  boot for Christmas.


(And if Santa screws up, take him to court and sue the chubby's red pants off.)

Let's not act like a bunch of babies here.  Don't like it?  The suburbs are calling.

So back to the Hoboken return of FIXed News... uh, I meant 'FOX'... 

Does anyone think they've come back to take a 'fair and balanced' look at Hoboken's parking quandary?

Contributor InfotainMe pointed out:
Fox can't return to the story since revealing information about the true motives of the people who invited and met with them would cast Fox as less-than-diligent.
I'm thinking Info is right.

Why let due diligence get in the way of a sensational story line? Angry, angry people. A citizen's revolt. We're mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.  Let's occupy the Hoboken Parking Utility!   

So, I hope GA's lowered your expectations to the sub-basement of the deepest building in America- just in case you expected a 'fair and balanced' presentation from FIXed News.

I'm guessing Waldman came back for a victory lap. To broadcast more discontent, blame the administrators of the 5-lb bag and not examine innovations to reduce pressure inside the bag and rules required to share it fairly.

We'll see if GA's proven wrong.


  1. It's doubtful that Fox News cares about the fact that they've been duped into covering a story as old as the Model-T.

    They could be covering stories like the success of the Corner Cars program (and its pathological obstructionists) and the HOP and the fact that we are a transportation hub with ferries, light rail, buses, PATH and commuter rail all within one square mile, enabling our citizens to live car-free, but they'd rather sink to the bottom of the journalistic pool by following the lead of a failed pornographer and his benefactress, where their scum-sucking producers, advertisers and viewers prefer to dwell.

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  3. And since this has Mrs. Richard G. Mason's and her ardent supporters' fingerprints all over it, once again, this is just another desperate attempt at deflection from the fact that the feds are in town. Perhaps they need some reminding:

    MR. G-MAN

    Mr. G-Man, bring us a dream
    Make it the hugest that we’ve ever seen
    Round them all up, like a black-sheep drover
    Then tell them that their crime-filled nights are over

    G-Man, we’re so alone
    We need your long arm to call our own
    Please arrest and make them scream
    Mr. G-Man, bring us a dream

    Mr. G-Man, bring us a dream
    Use every tactic like we’ve never seen
    Give them the word that we won’t roll over
    Then tell them that their plot-some nights are over

    G-Man, ‘fore coups are flown
    They are your targets, at whom books are thrown
    Please before they flee the scene
    Mr. G-Man, bring us a dream

    Mr. G-Man bring us a dream
    Give them all jumpsuits, ill-fitting and green
    Give them all grillings, like meat on hibachis
    And make them sing like white-trash mariachis!

    Mr. G-Man, indicted four
    Would be so peachy or perhaps there’s more
    So please turn on the heat and steam
    Mr. G-Man, bring us, please, please, please
    Mr. G-Man, bring us a dream


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