Return of Deep Uvula

GA's pink dangling informant, Deep Uvula (DU), must have been hitting the eggnog hard over the Christmas weekend.  How do I know?  Because after a long silence, he/she's back.

Truth be told, I had to do a bit of cajoling.   Have you ever cajoled a uvula?  It's not as easy as it looks.  For beginners, I suggest you start with a gland or flap of skin then work your way up to the uvula. You'll get the hang of it.

For those new to GA, DU appeared from the shadows last March to dish from deep, deep inside the 'other' camp;  a 'Deep Throat' source, if you will.  Only it's not a throat, it's a uvula.

And unlike an actual uvula, an upside-down sac of flesh which does nothing but get infected, my source provides a unique perspective from folks on the Dark Side.  You'll see what I mean.  
Been a while, but as I have told you, the heat has been on and everyone is still very nervous. The suits have pretty much put everyone on ice. 

Cant comment to much at all about who may or may not get indicted.  Too many folks talking over each other and about each other and no one trusts anyone too much these days. Folks are starting to look after themselves first. You haven’t seen the Russo Civic Association reopen anywhere have you? 

I can comment on things that are public record. Like Corea.  Nobody is buying that he took down all of the money. His piece was nowhere near 600k. He wasn’t that big enough of a deal to keep it all to himself, and besides, he could not have pulled that off alone. 

His deal makes folks nervous. Real nervous.

I can tell you that the Ricciardi thing hit a real raw nerve. And the comments that the Mrs. made almost made some folks heads explode. You don’t hear from her anymore, do you? 

Can say that there is a growing crack between Mason and her crew and the rest of the bunch. Nobody really liked them anyway and no one is going to take a hit for them.

Hmmm... interesting use of language; the word 'deal' with respect to Corea.

"His deal" making folks nervous.Here's what GA reader Dragnet said below The Nexus of Ricciardi Data Theft and John Corea.
Corea has been singing for months. He was facing at least 18 years. His official misconduct plea was only 1 of 5 counts against him. Corea had to be "singing" for the AG to "overlook" count 1 conspiracy in the first degree, count 3 theft by unlawful taking in the second degree, count 4 misapplication of property and property of government in the second degree and finally financial facilitation of criminal activity in the first degree. Happy holidays! 
That one has generated a great deal of traffic. Has it touched a nerve?

DU said Corea didn't get the whole 600K- just a cut.  So who else got a piece?  If he didn't pull it off alone, then he didn't cover it up alone.  Or as some say, 'clear it up'.
Correa: Yes uh, uh I believe that was uh, talk about parking, uh the meter collections?We did an internal audit once we heard that and our internal audit has been complete and it shows a difference of $34.61. It is now being audited by an outside firm to be confirmed, but we don't see a problem as of right now.

Russo: And for the record, ah, that was an error in my calculations, so when I asked the question it was actually an error in my calculations when I was doing my own due diligence when it came to the budget so, uh, it was just a question and we clarified it.

 Castellano: It's been cleared up.
Things that make you go hmmmmm.

And about Mrs. Ricciardi.  She certainly has clammed up.  Who's gotten to her?  We know from the Ricciardi complaint that the blogs and message boards are continuously  monitored.

From the Ricciardi complaint:
7. The investigation has also revealed that many of the elected and appointed officials in the City retain strong ties to the previous administration or are otherwise politically opposed to the Mayor, and have sparred with the current Mayor on a variety of municipal issues, large and small. These officials include several members of the City Council, as well as high-ranking employees of different City municipal agencies, such as Public Safety Department, the Fire
Department, and the OEM.

8. Evidence of this schism in the City is apparent through the postings of articles and comments on City-related issues to different weblogs, or "blogs."

Yep, the Feds are reading the blogs, gleaning information from them.

Questions for the Feds:
  • When are we going to Mamoun's?  
  • Have you ever found campaign operative Lane Bajardi on a Beth Mason ELEC?  
  • Did he declare that income to the IRS?
I'm guessing they've gotten quite a few yuks from the cyber-pit H411.

Since the Feds are reading the blogs, they know what the Mrs. had to say- as did those she implicated in federal crimes.  Who got to her first?   Eenie meenie miney moe...

Well, well.  Another day, and the Return of Deep Uvula.   

You were missed, DU.


  1. See the Uvula warble, feel the dread of the Fed.

  2. Thanks for the update from DU. Of course the Russo Not-So-Civic Association hasn't reopened; too many bugs, no doubt.

    Because they know Mrs. Richard G. Mason is toxic, they'll probably prop up Reuben Ream-Us to run for mayor, using Mason's (not approved by zoning) little shop of horrors at 12th and Washington, no doubt, where they can easily buy votes from Applied.

    Not content to be a mediocre teacher and assemblyman and collect several government paychecks and pensions, he'll believe their lies and go for more.

    Well, there may be bugs at 1200 Washington too!


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