Reader Email

credit: Claire Moses

Here's an email from a GA reader, a self-identified 'BnR', in response to the post, The Russo Vote.  
I think it's so she (Castellano) appears reasonable and/or at the very least cares about the cops and City Workers. He (Russo) appears principled and a budget hawk....asking questions.

They both knew it would have to pass, especially after Bhalla kept announcing that these things took 6 votes. Making sure people understood that it needed a Super majority.

Smart move showcasing that equipment in front of City Hall!! Disgusting. These things should have been maintained or replaced 5-10-15 years ago. They should be ashamed of themselves.

What a glaring, graphic, in your face reminder that these people been screwing their own all these years. Us BNRs. THEIR people. Hope people begin to understand that. You may vote for them and they may give you a job, but with no heat, no AC, no equipment and no supplies. The big money? That's' for them.