"Occupy HPU" Stunt Blows Up on Patch

(left panel) Letter from Jack the Ripper, October 15, 1888  
(right panel) Letter from Perry Klaussen, December 1, 2011

The orchestration of the "Occupy HPU" (bowel) movement has been unmasked by the perpetrator himself! 

On a Patch thread!  

GA will break it down for you.  So grab your morning coffee and a bucket of popcorn.  

You all know that the "Occupy HPU" (bowel) movement was created as a Facebook page, and here is how it describes itself:
It's time to take back our streets and call for sane enforcement and fair policies that create parking for residents and visitors alike in Hoboken. Help us get 1,000 LIKES by December 15th so we can plan civil action and take our demands to the City Council and the Mayor.
Which is coordinated with a Beth Mason Press release, demanding it's the "public's right to know why this department (HPU) continues to bring negative attention to our City..."

You all get it?  

Team Bellevue (TB), Mason-Klaussen-Bajardi (wrote the H411 trash-talk on our terrific Director Sacs) are at it again.

Here's where it gets funny.

While the slippery terrain of TB's mental landscape has become familiar to us, it doesn't happen too often that ONE of them exposes the fraud, and so strangely.

In a nutshell...

Yesterday Patch wrote a piece on the sham (bowel) movement called, "Hoboken Related  'Occupy' group Starts on Facebook".  In the comments below,  (3) screen names showed up that were Team Bellvue (TB) members or operatives.  Only one (later) outed himself as Hoboken411 proprietor Perry Klaussen. 

Under these 3 screen names: okyeahwhatever, Johan Sanchez and facebook101 (Perry Klaussen) the 'fun' proceeded accordingly:

  • FRAUD #1 (okyeahwhatever) introduces the notion that Facebook pages and Twitter accounts CAN be taken down.  Blames the Facebook group creation on the "Old Guard".  Claims only 'Old Guard' are posting there.  (Sara Stojkovic, Klaussen, and Keim are  Old Guard?)

  • FRAUD #2 (Johan Sanchez) claims in broken 'Spanglish' that he's had both Twitter and Facebook pages taken down in the past.  This is how TB thinks native Spanish-language speakers speak? 

  • FRAUD #3 (Perry Klaussentells us how to REMOVE a Facebook page!  Then tells us that "Occupy HPU" (bowel)movement VIOLATES Facebook's Terms of Service (TOS)!

    GA suspects that Klaussen then removes HIS "Occupy HPU" (bowel) movement page.  Then re-opens it under another URL.  Then comes BACK to Patch...
    • FRAUD #3 (Perry Klaussen) then claims the "new page" violates the TOS and GOADS us to take it down.

    WOW..  Next Blogger InfotainMe  calls out the whole "Occupy HPU" (bowel) movement  Facebook scam...

    after which... Klaussen LOSES HIS MARBLES... quick... chase them before they roll into the street!
    • FRAUD #3 (Perry Klaussen) OUTS himself and proceeds to have some sort of mental breakdown unleashing coarse, personally insulting invective and then... all DOWNHILL.

    So when Info spells out how Klaussen has exposed his entire scam "Occupy HPU" (bowel) movement...

    Klaussen self-destructs...revealing the cobwebs in the twisted caverns of his mind.


    (left panel) Letter from Jack the Ripper, September 17, 1888 
    (right panel) Cyber-rag ravings, November 30, 2011

    There you have it folks, another massive FAIL brought to you by Team Bellevue (TB).

    Beth Mason and her untalented henchmen hatch another stinker then botch it spectacularly.  Mason tried to manufacture a grassroots movement- an  anti-Sacs, anti-Zimmer rebellion, with her dullard-duo and KABOOM!

    Klaussen squeezed out the 'movement' then came on Patch to try to flush it down to blame on Reform.

    But Reform wouldn't flush Perry's movement.

    A friend of mine noted that certifiable lunacy must be on the application to join this team of misfiring misfits.


    1. This all somehow conjures the movie-still, promoting "Desperate Living" (the title alone pretty much captures it too): A dead rat on a plate.

      The blog excerpts GA posted just SCREAM delusional projections. Deep ones.

      Be prepared for more extreme banshee-behavior in public.

    2. So Beth Mason (can we call her "BM" for short?) excretes another one on the people of Hoboken.

      Perhaps instead of extorting a seat on the hospital's advisory board they should have been angling for group psychiatric care.

    3. On a positive note, it sounds like the recall is making them nervous. I'm guessing this is Lane #57 trying to discourage things.

      Has it ever occurred to him, even for a second, that he has become everything for Mason that he has tried to cast Lenz as for Zimmer? The cancerous package deal. The creepy guy in the background that you hope isn't in charge of anything?

      Yes, that was a rhetorical question.


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