The Nexus of Ricciardi Data Theft and John Corea

Put the pieces together, folks.

The Corea guilty  plea followed just 5 weeks after the Ricciardi indictment. Do you think that was coincidence?

Take the observations of GA source E. Sophie Gus:
I don't think it’s ever been put in its proper perspective what's been done when the Feds came in and took over. Which is understood by someone who has experience in this world and understands what was made available to prosecutors. It's unprecedented in terms of the amount of data turned over voluntarily. Turned over voluntarily because the mayor found out cyber crimes were committed by people on the city payroll. So she asked authorities to come in and asked to investigate. which was the proverbial camel's nose under the tent. Now they have the data banks of a city of 50,000 to go through. And they’re going to track and trace various other relationships. This has tentacles everywhere. the words of Mr.s Patrick Ricciardi:

...and the evidence of a long-standing 'work' relationship between Ricciardi and Corea:

Corea and Ricciardi on a junket to Israel for Unitronics , the company running the Hoboken garage (credit: MSV)

Now, remember what Corea was doing since December 9, 2009, the day he was indicted for  stealing $600K from the HPU.

He spent the last 2 years waiting for Monmouth County to schedule a trial date. Waiting until....

Patrick Ricciardi is busted on November 9, 2011. 

The  subtext of the Ricciardi complaint are the mere 3 charges for the theft of perhaps hundreds of thousands of emails.  Awfully charitable for a theft of such magnitude.   The Feds have Ricciardi by the coconuts.  They have the City's servers. 

What happened next?

Corea pleads GUILTY 5 weeks later.  After waiting 2 years for a trial.

More:  AG Paula Dow signals she's going after him hard- 8 years plus a $300,000 fine. Maybe that will get Corea's lips moving, now that he's throwing himself at the 'mercy' of the court.  Perhaps thecourt will be more merciful if he gives up some 'friends'?

Think about the Pandora's box the City servers are in the hands of  the Feds.  Given voluntarily by our mayor, Dawn Zimmer.

Think about how ANOTHER Hoboken Mayor turned the F.B.I. away from investigating criminal activity here- arson. A poster on Patch recalled it:
As I read the articular on "Reliving Hoboken's History of Fire", it saddens me to read how the press is not willing to give the full story of the 70s-80s fires. How then mayor Cappiello refused FBI help with the investigations, how many of this mayor's friends took ownership of many of these buildings by using Corporation names. How many people died during these fires, exp. 2nd and Clinton 22 deaths, 1st and Washington 5 deaths along with a mother clinching her baby in her arms. 2nd and 3rd and Madison the many lives lost due to fires. And here is the kicker, the one suspected arson that was believed to be hired by (NO NAMES WILL BE MENTIONED)... Was found dead by the railroad tracks shortly after his name was mentioned to the police dept. by witness's seeing him fleeing from a couple of these fires. I will never forget the times that many of my friends and family had to setup there own fire watch's because the City did not want to get involved in helping the citizens. But now several decades later I hear all the problems going on in this town, and all i say is Karma. I still drive through this small city about twice a year. And remember the youth, more more sadly remember my friends and others that died in these horrific fires. And pray that someday, someone will open these files and give the family and friends closure.
If only ONE reason is needed for voters to re-elect Dawn Zimmer it's this: SHE called the to  Hoboken.  She gave them our servers and continues to cooperate with state prosecutors and the Feds to clean up this dirty town. Here's what she told Patch:

When Zimmer came into office in 2009, she said, she started by moving Corea to "to another department at a lower salary. I then worked to provide information from the Parking Utility to the Attorney General’s office so he could be held accountable for his actions."

"We need to remain vigilant to ensure that our citizens receive the honest and effective government that they deserve," Zimmer said, "and I will continue to work to ensure that our dynamic and vibrant City is known for all the great things it has to offer to residents and visitors."
You could say Zimmer already saved NJ taxpayers the expense of a trial- Corea's.  And GA expects more where this came from.

It's not just the crime, it's the cover-up: "It's been all cleared up!"


  1. It's not the crime, it's the cover-up. That's what the easel weasel said when the cc moved to terminate Beth's email crusade, leaving her no way to launder the emails she already had into the system.

    For once the little weasel was right.

  2. I'd like to see justice for these families....but the quote "its the cover-up" exactly.....most will turn their faces to it....i would guess fear? But as "Pope John Paul" said, "Be not afraid" is the way we should all live. I dont know how anyone could live knowing......also, maybe i read it or heard it....could be rumor its so long ago...but that guy that died with the word arsen on his head....may not have been the actual arsenist? Lots of tragic stories here.

  3. I just had a daydream. That someone under investigation turns on the arsonists from back then. I don't know what the statute of limitations is on arson, but I would be surprised if there is a limit on arson that result in the lose of life.

  4. Make no mistake; there are people in this town with blood on their hands.

    Would you purchase a "luxury" condo if you knew it was the site of a multiple arson murder? Didn't think so.

    The collusion of all quadrants of our city back then to keep this under wraps was and is shameful. That's why until recent changes in city hall, real estate, law enforcement and politics were synonymous and the only paper in town then as now, was owned by the Barry family, the largest developers.

    It took the blinding lights and cameras from the New York television media, poked into the sweaty faces of those in power in city hall - and I don't mean FOX - to put an end to it.

    No one was ever charged for all of those murders.

  5. Corea has been singing for months. He was facing at least 18 years. His official misconduct plea was only 1 of 5 counts against him. Corea had to be "singing" for the AG to "overlook" count 1 conspiracy in the first degree, count 3 theft by unlawful taking in the second degree, count 4 misapplication of property and property of government in the second degree and finally financial facilitation of criminal activity in the first degree. Happy holidays!

  6. Oracle, on that subject there is one other memorial I would like to see in town. A lot of people will oppose it, they will say we have too many memorials already, or that it is just a painful memory but....

    I think there should be a memorial to the arson victims of the 1970s and 1980s. Not to compare histories, but those fires have more to do with Hoboken becoming the city it is today than any other memorialized event.

    More importantly, those people, especially family members, who never got anything resembling justice - or even the satisfaction of knowing that justice was being attempted - deserve an acknowledgement from this city that a horrible thing was done to them and we haven't forgotten.

    How would any of us like to be one of those people returning to town with other family members. "This is where your aunt died. It's a nail salon now. No one here knows anything about it."

    There should be a place they can go and sit quietly and know that their loved ones are not simply the faceless poor that got in the way of the bulldozers. They're not the only ones that need it. We need it too

  7. Agreed, Info. In addition to the memorial, perhaps plaques at all the sites where, in addition to the names of the victims, the names of the then property owners plus the developer who benefited. This would include where Ines Kreim parks her car at 11th & Washington (as that building is gone) and also where Mrs. Richard G. Mason has her little shop of horrors at 12th & Washington.

  8. some of thoes articals are or were at the firehouse historic house. There were two papers then....the jersey journal and the hudson dispatch.... I would guess the library would have the dispatch articals, a great paper. But here here....i agree with u all. Does our town have an old case files area to reopen, this needs closure somehow?

    On a Holiday Note to GA and Horsey and others who gave us a place to voice our opinions. Thank you. Thats what our country is made of Good Ideas:)

    To all.... Peace, Happyness and Health for your Holiday Season and New Year. xo


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