New Product Design: BOOT Beth Mason

That was some scheme Beth Mason pulled off with the help of supporter Joel Waldman, Hoboken resident/reporter from FOX news who got through a 2-part 'investigation' about ticketing and booting in the town where he lives, without disclosing his resident status nor his relationship with the politician.

This reporter LIVES here, presumably KNOWS Mason,  knows the sordid history of indicted former Parking Director John Corea and those 4 million missing quarters from the HPU, and lets Mason blame the revenue increase on (unfair) enforcement...  GA knows one interview subject whose alternative viewpoint was left on FOX's cutting room floor.

Well... non-residents, please use Hoboken's splendid garages if you choose to stay over 4 hours.

And residents... ready to give Mason the BOOT? 

Introducing The Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop's NEW DESIGN: 

No... it's NOT A JOKE.  This is a real shop. And remember... the holidays are coming.

BOOT Beth Mason products are NOW AVAILABLE: t-shirts, mugs, caps, buttons, magnets... and if there is a product you'd like GA to add the design to, simply contact me with your request at

What do you think?  Not only has she been BOOTED, but the BOOT has been strategically placed over her yap... thank goodness.  I'll bet Ricky is ordering his right now.

So please, don't forget to get your own BOOT Beth Mason product for yourself or a gift for the holidays.

Remember: do not accept cheap imitations.



  1. You never fail to crack me up, GA! I sure wish the HPU could boot that witch's yap. The fact that she will publicly trash Hoboken in order to trash the Mayor is just infuriating! When you get down to it, Mason simply does not have Hoboken's best interest at heart and that's why no Hoboken resident that loves Hoboken should ever give her the time of day or one more vote.


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