New Design: "It's Been Cleared Up!"

WHO can "clear up" 4,000,000 missing quarters into $34.61 practically overnight?

Terry Castellano!

In December 2007, her cousin Mike Russo noticed $1million in parking meter collections missing and reported his findings to the City Council. Yet, at the very next meeting, Council President Castellano said, "It's been cleared up!"  

Isn't she amazing?

Somebody tell Russo-Castellano family friend John Corea, because he just plead guilty to stealing $600K in the $1.1 million dollar theft of quarters from Hoboken parking meters! 

You made a big mistake, John!  Terry cleared it up in 2007!  Weren't you listening?

In honor of her incredible hocus-pocus way of making stolen quarters disappear, GA has created an original new design now available for sale at the Recall Beth Mason Gift Shop!

Here are the new products available for sale TODAY!.

In case you haven't seen the amazing Eric Kurta video of the Castellano 'Clear-Up' enjoy it below or just read about it here.


  1. I hope everyone had a great Holiday!

    This story is just astounding! Russo initially thinks there's about $1 million missing, but at the next meeting, he tells everyone his calculations were "off" without explaining how his calculations were off. Castellano waves her magic "It's all been cleared up" wand three times without explaining how it was all cleared up. I didn't hear Beth Mason demand any details, explanations, charts, reports, etc. like she did of the Zimmer Administration over a $600 line item transfer in a $100 million budget. Corea has now admitted to lying about the HPU's shortage of funds. To quote Beth Mason, I think the public has a right to know why Russo and Castellano covered up for Corea. I certainly want to know.


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