Mason to Trash City on FOX Tonight

Well, folks. GA had it right yesterday... the FIXed News hatchet job on the HPU (their discovery that street parking is in short supply and rules are being enforced)  arranged by the Harridan of Hudson Street, Beth Mason, will now STAR Mason herself.  Tonight- it airs at 10 pm. According to the Jersey Journal:
Mason will also appear on FOX 5 tonight at 10 p.m. in a story alleging that Hoboken is balancing its budget by issuing more parking tickets, according to a TV promotional spot for the news program.

"Councilwoman Mason apparently doesn't understand how a municipal budget works," said Sacs when told about the upcoming report, adding: "That is scary since she approved the balanced budget with tax cuts for residents earlier this year."
Ain't she a piece of work?  As far as I know, the City Council is charged with approving the City budget; has Mason EVER made this claim on any of the 4 budgets she's voted for?
Councilwoman Beth Mason, a prominent Zimmer detractor, said the signs have always been confusing.

"There have been people literally stopping me on the street and saying, 'I don't get this. What does it mean?' That's sad," said Mason, who added that the law - not the signs - need to be fixed.

"Hoboken is the only place I know where you can't move from one area of town, go to another area and visit that area," she said. "In the midst of the holiday season, most towns are giving free parking along their main streets. We're not. We're telling people, 'We don't want your business.'"
"The only place" she knows? Um... has this woman ever been to the borough of Manhattan? How many years has she been on the City Council and not a PEEP about the City's signage. Not a word.

Well, this tell GA one thing: by declaring herself a critic of the Zimmer administration, she hopes her cries of political victimization will not ring as hollow... when the time comes.

To be continued...


  1. No, Beth. No one stops you on the street for your help, opinions or guidance - unless you mean the streets of the kingdom you rule inside your head.

    Your thousands of unanswered phone calls and emails are proof that you cannot do the job of 2nd ward councilman. Instead, you busy yourself trying to make the current mayor and administration look bad.

    History will not be kind to you and all these fictitious problems you perceive and create are obviously more deflection to take the spotlight away from you and what everyone knows you did.


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