It's Alive!

GA poked him with a stick on Monday and he stirred on Friday.

Hoboken Chamber of Commerce President Mike Novak announced the Chamber's sponsorship of the first-ever holiday decorating contest!

Better than that, it's open to businesses and residences.

Meaning everyone!  Simply register by December 13th at  If LA (Little Avenger) is game, we're in.

From Patch:
This December the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce will sponsor its first annual holiday decorating contest.

The contest is open to business and residences that decorate their front doors and entryways. Both groups will be judged in separate categories, with awards given to the first, second and third place winners. The grand prize in each category is $500, with the runners-up winning $250 and $100 respectively.

The business that wins the grand prize will also receive a bonus, including $3,000 worth of advertising in local publications.

“We're looking to help make the city more festive for the holidays and this is a great way to get people more excited to get out and show their creativity," said Chamber president Michael Novak.
Well, GA loves this idea. It's an old-fashioned, creative way for residents to 'get in the spirit', to promote our local businesses and incentivize all of us to decorate our Hoboken streetscape.

Thanks for waking up, Mr. President!

(Update, 8:40 AM)

Well, it looks like Novak dialed in someone else's idea: Joe Mindak from H-Mag.  Joe thought up the great holiday streetscape design concept.

Joe Mindak, how about running for Hoboken Chamber of Commerce president?  If Rory Chadwick doesn't want to.


  1. I believe the article is an error. Other people came up with the idea and Mr. Novak put his name on it. I believe Joe Mindak from H-Mag and some of his colleagues came up with this great idea, Novak only pitches it.

  2. Thank you, HASA. I will update accordingly.

    Credit goes where credit is due. So how'd you-all find Novak at his undisclosed location?

  3. i didn't, i am not in the coc. The way I heard it is others came up with this really great idea. Since MN is president he spoke about it. Rory

  4. It's alive all right. The Hoboken Chamber of Commerce has blocked the fledgling Reached-For Comment news service from following them on Twitter. Sent you a screen shot.

    You know, it's been a rough year for all of us. And what impacts the public at large is especially difficult for those of us in the fake news business, since we have to use your dreary little lives as the raw material for our imaginary "news". Lively it up, will ya?

    So in this holiday time of year, we'd like to recognize this wonderful gesture from President of the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce, Mike Novak.

    Mike could have promoted Shop Hoboken in May. But he was too busy. And there was Small Business Saturday, but again, too busy. Or at least Menendez's visit to Hoboken to promote shopping locally for the Holidays. But once again just tooooooooo busy. Mike couldn't even find time to mention this article in TimeOut Magazine which promotes shopping in Hoboken.

    Nope, all of the above failed to make it to Mike's slammin' agenda. He was just nuclear-busy this year as evidenced by his not doing a damn thing in his capacity as President of the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce. That he has carved out a piece of time in his frenetic lifestyle to blow us this kiss, as it were, speaks volumes, doesn't it? We badly needed the public acknowledgment, and by golly, he's given it to us!

    Thanks, Mike! Your priorities are aces with us here at the Reached For Comment news service. We'll tell everyone else that you blew off to go eff themselves for you. We know you're too busy to do it yourself.

  5. Time to bring this presidential term to a "happy ending"?

  6. Oracle - LOL. But that has been NOvak's problem - too many random "happy endings".

  7. I heard that his wife finally threw his ass out. About time.

  8. Oracle, you ARE a devil! Have we met? (see avatar)

  9. Of course! Every time you witness someone do the right thing, you meet me. Every time you hear honest words, you know me and every time you follow truths which were written on your heart before you were born, you understand me. May we continue to meet often!


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