"Hoboken is a Cauldron Ready to Explode"

...are the words of a GA source, fresh from my Inbox.

A "hell-broth" for some.

Especially for those who got target letters.

I understand how they feel.  Because I got one, too.

GA knows what it's like to get a bad bag of Market Pantry Strawberry Fruit Snacks.  Completely demoralizing.  I stuck my fingers in the bag and... my snacks were missing. 

Was it a security breach?

Were my fruity and flavorful morsels intercepted on their way to the bag? Squirreled away in some Market Pantry Archive?   Being distributed to folks who weren't supposed to eat them?

Once my snacks were out of the bag, I raised a red flag. That got their attention. And before you know it...

Have you gotten one of these?

My Target letter was reassuring, with condolences from Guest Relations and the entire Grocery team. In fact, I used my $3 coupon to purchase a new bag of premium quality bag of Archer Farms fruit chews.

Justice served.

And it tasted good.

Back to Hoboken's boiling cauldron... it's early so GA will be poking around for more information.   Stay tuned, peeps 'cause here I go!

On my way!