Hoboken CFO Earned $50 from the Mason Campaign

Mason's R-1 ELEC filed electronically on 5/14/10, page 121

This one gave GA a good laugh.

I was perusing through a Mason ELEC report,  a 20 Day Post-election Amendment R-1 from the May 12, 2009 mayoral election-  a whopping 164 pages consisting primarily of small disbursements the campaign made to "admin/personnel"... when a familiar name caught my eye.

One of the paid Mason campaign  workers was... Hoboken CFO George DeStefano? 

The Mason campaign gave CFO DeStefano a check for 50 bucks for his... um, work(?)

But... but...

What was the CFO of Hoboken DOING for the Mason campaign?
HOW did he earn his $50 check?  Opening the mail?

And WHY does a guy at the top tier of city government need $50 from Beth Mason?   In 2009 (the year he  worked for the Mason campaign) DeStefano earned $119, 687.  The following year he took home $121,904.

Now THAT'S a guy who needs 50 bucks from Beth Mason.

So what does Mike Russo's Uncle Georgie do for Hoboken?  Watch this.


  1. MBB recalls he also received a hefty six-figure settlement from the City, some years back. (MBB recalls the award was about the same as family member Anthony's still-outstanding restitution.) Plus reinstatement, for "wrongful termination."

    Perhaps he leased his beloved letter-opener to Mason for $50.

    One of the more buffoonish trough-feeders in the pantheon. Rumored to be not even capable of creating an Excel spreadsheet, hence the add-on expense of a Bayonne accounting firm to carry out the key functions of his job description. Often presents himself as the gleeful doofus of the Russo clan. But still smart enough to cackle all the way to the bank, along with his nepotistic brethren.

    esteven's vid is just another classic clip in Hoboken's theater of the absurd.

  2. "So there is no overlap," he concludes. They do everything and I get coffee. She should have asked him how the guys from the agency take their coffee. I bet he could recite each one. "Black, 2 suguhs. Light and sweet for the guy that reads the mail after I open it. And the other guy who uses the computah with the numbers in it is a light decaf. So like I says, no overlap".

  3. The funniest unintentional moment is when he proudly puffed that he handles "all da cash, cuz I'm bonded". So was the warehouse in the Lufthansa heist. And we are talking about the Russo Clan here.

  4. This movie clip from office space comes to mind...



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