Guest Artist: LA (Little Avenger)

Super-Duper Outer Galactic Glowing Kitty Cat
by LA

LA Note: It's supposed to have a long name, it's not a cute,little thing that a four year old would think of.

Mom Note: Excellent job, sweetheart!
GA Note:  LA's been teaching herself Photoshop and enjoys drawing cats with it.   She has no interest in politics.


  1. Wow, I wish I could make art that nice! Instead, I have to make do with poorly drawn stick figures.

    Great job LA!

  2. That's a lovely kitty Little Avenger. Have you thought about working your way up to ponies?

  3. LA's art and Photoshop skills are superb. I think Super-Duper Outer Galactic Glowing Kitty Cat is the purr-fect name.

  4. Super-Duper Outer Galactically FABULOUS, LA!

    Glowing Kitty is really the cat's meow!!

    I can see you creating an entire galaxy of stellar animalitos!

    More please, you wonderful little super-nova!!


  5. That is out of sight LA - good work! I hope to see more of your stellar accomplishments online soon.

  6. Beautiful work! Keep it up! I love shooting stars!

  7. Whenever I visit, I'm never disappointed!! Excellent work, Little Avenger. Those are mad Photoshop skills, young lady!

  8. Yummy kitty, LA. Looks like it's made of ice cream with a little chocolate sauce here and there. I must be gettin' hungry.

    Please send us more pictures when you have time.

  9. Dear L.A.

    I was delighted to see your Super-Duper Outer Gallactic Glowing Kitty Cat with a shooting star (nice touch!!!) I sure hope that your artistry will be on display often at GA's site. Keep up the good work, LA!!!

    Happy Trails,



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